Friday, September 5, 2008

Project Ryan

Amber and I feel like our adoption is a journey God has set before us and we're thrilled about it (maybe not thrilled about all the process, but grateful for it as we know our child is being protected). In any event, we have felt God also leading us down another path ... and the purpose of this post is to ask for your help in that endeavor. There is an amazing 2.5 year old boy in the neighboring town of Smyrna that has Muscular Dystrophy. Long story short, he is getting a power wheelchair (which is a miracle in itself ... a gently-used wheelchair was just donated to his family which would cost $20,000-$25,000 new). This is absolutely amazing as it will give him independence that we often take for granted. More information about Ryan can be found at

The family still needs a van that will allow him to be transported in the wheelchair. So, "Project Ryan" has been birthed. It is our goal to get his family a wheelchair-accessible van so that Ryan can easily go to doctor appointments, school, etc. I am asking you to think and pray about your involvement in this initiative. If you feel so led, we have a handful of "committees" formed in which one can help...

1) Prayer Team - praying for the project and health/healing of Ryan

2) Donations/Financing - helping collect donations for the wheelchair.

3) Fundraising - we currently have our large fundraiser scheduled on Sunday, October 12th at the Smyrna Bowling Center. If anyone has good ideas for the silent auction that we'll have at the fundraiser, let me know. Or if you have connections for autographed items, that'd be great as well. I think we're going to set a very fair minimum price on items and ebay them if they don't sell. That way, if we don't sell a ton of tickets to get alot of people there, we don't lose out on the silent auction.

4) Van Search - we want to find the best deal on a wheelchair even if it's not local to us

5) Party Planning - We will be having a celebration party to give the family the van. We need help organizing the party and having items donated for it.

I know if you're not local, some of those aren't feasible. All donations are tax deductible with checks made out to "Smyrna Church of Christ". It's awesome that denomination walls have been knocked down and that we're able to partner with the Smyrna Church of Christ. Please note that the tickets for the bowling fundraiser are not tax deductible and if someone makes a check out for tickets, they need to be made out to "Smyrna Bowling Center".

I am so excited about this God opportunity and hope that you will join us in it! I can't imagine what God will reveal through this project. He has already taught me a ton through this and has opened my eyes for some future opportunities He has for me. I know many of you don't live local here so helping with the fundraising/party planning isn't really an option but I hope you still think about helping out. Please email me or comment if you have any questions or if you'd like to partner with us!

NOTE: Let me say it took alot for me to post this. I usually don't ask for things like this but I know this thing is bigger than all of us. I know God is trying to teach/show me how to trust/rely on other people. It still doesn't make it easy.


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