Monday, September 22, 2008


OK, not really ... but it really feels like it. We finished our class on Saturday and we also finished up our online class last night. So all our parenting 'homework' is done. I can't tell you how happy I am for that. Not that I didn't learn a ton through our 160 page workbook, 2 all day Saturday classes, and 12 online parenting lessons, but I honestly have to say I'm ready for the next steps.

I had my individual interview with our home study agency today. Our social worker is great and she made the whole process relatively painless. She had asked me last week if an intern could sit in on our interview for learning purposes so it was the 3 of us in the interview. Nothing really surprised me ... questions about parenting, our marriage, my health (I had scoliosis surgery 13 years ago), etc, etc. I think probably the hardest question was to sum up Amber in 5 words ... she doesn't even know these 5 words but they were...gentle, loving, stubborn, loves Jesus. I think she would agree with all those....and she has her interview tomorrow so she can get me back. We will then schedule our home visit. Amber will also be taking the I600A form with her tomorrow to ensure everything is filled out correctly so we can get that mailed out this week.

I put our social worker on the spot today to ask her about the timeline of getting the home study done. She said that once the home visit is done and we get the child abuse background check back from the state, they say 30 days to get a draft home study complete. She said she hopes it should not take that long. That draft will get sent to us, to her supervisor, and to AGCI. Hopefully, the turn around for edits is days and then days to get the final one complete. She said that worst would be November .... we're praying that it is sometime in October.

We also got the rest of the documents for our dossier notarized. We have to still get our Power of Attorney county certified and state certified. I'm hoping to get it county certified tomorrow and then get down to Nashville one day this week to get it state certified.

We definitely feel like we are getting close to where we are not in control anymore. Our social worker informed me today to realize that we won't have control much longer and that we need to be prepared for 'feelings' to arise while we aren't in control. These feelings center around us (er, Amber) not being pregnant and having our own child. Amber and I have talked openly over the past couple months about this and we both have an incredible amount of peace about this journey. This is a God opportunity and that is the only way we can explain our feelings. It is something we will definitely be open in discussion about but I know God is preparing us for something bigger and outside of our little imaginations...


Kerrie (Kendal's Mommy) said...

So happy about your progress! You inspire me with your words concerning the adoption. In my own journey with Kendal, I too, have learned that everything is all in God's hands. It's a blessing too - if I was in charge I would screw it all up!

Anonymous said...

awesome to hear that things are moving along so well!