Friday, September 12, 2008

Food & Frustration

Amber and I went to Raz'z restaurant in a neighboring town, Smyrna, tonight. The restaurant is owned and ran by Raz ... a Nigerian born immigrant. The food was great and Raz came out and walked the restaurant and talked to each table which we thought was cool. Well, Africa of course came up and we informed him that we were adopting from Ethiopia. He was excited and said "We all have the same flesh; we are all human beings." Amen! We are also all God's children no matter what color, nationality, social status, eye color, hair color, shoe size, nose length, or waist size. He loves us in a way that we'll never understand until we see Him face to face.

Coming home, we noticed gas prices have jumped 50+ cents per gallon today due to IKE. Man, that burns me up. It's not like there was time for the companies to feel the effect from the refineries being shut down today. I can't stand price gouging ... not necessarily because of the increase price but because it is taking advantage of someone. Big pet peeve. I just saw on the news that a TN county had gas at $5.29 ... that is just wrong since gas was in the mid $3.50's...

Please pray for those along the Texas coastline.

Time to get to bed so we can get up early for our parenting class tomorrow.

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Lauren said...

I hear ya about the price gouging. It drives me crazy, too! I hope your parenting class goes well.