Tuesday, September 16, 2008

AGCI Conference Call and African Street Festival

We had our biweekly call with Julie today. She said we are doing good and making great progress. Our hope is to have almost everything done prior to our next call in 2 weeks. Open items on our list to get done are...

  • Home study with Miriam's Promise. I was supposed to have my individual interview today; however, our social worker called yesterday and she had a terrible case of laryngitis. So, it got rescheduled to next Monday and Amber's is next Tuesday. With our parenting classes finished this weekend, only possible open item we know of is the home visit. Sweet.
  • Online parenting class - we have completed 5 of 12 lessons and should have these complete in the next week.
  • Power of Attorney form. We have to get this guy notarized, county certified, and state certified. This needs to be high on our list to get done soon.
  • Statement of Reason to Adopt
  • Photographs of our house and ourselves
  • Financial Statement (this will be the 3rd financial statement that we've filled out and, of course, each one has been different)
  • Two references for Dossier - we've contacted our references and they graciously accepted. We're so grateful to Susan/Andy and Amy/Paul ... thank you for all your help!
  • Obligation of Post Placement Report form

Also, we did not know how the timing of getting on the referral list worked. We were VERY happy tonight in what Julie told us AGCI does. They don't want for the I171H form (the form from Immigration) to be received before putting us on the list. Being that Memphis is S-L-O-W in getting those out, we were very pleased to find this out. So, once we get everything above done, our social worker completes the home study, and our dossier is approved by AGCI, we will officially be on the list! How GREAT is that!?!? THANK YOU LORD JESUS ... THAT IS AWESOME NEWS!

Also, if you live near/around Nashville, there is an African Street Festival going on this weekend at Tennessee State University. Amber and I are going to try to go to the Block Party on Friday ... it'd be great to meet up ... let us know if you're going!

Here's a link about the Festival.


Kristi J said...

nice to meet you guys!! It will be so great to watch your progress...I'm just a little ahead of you all...we might even travel together. We're so excited about it all and will follow your blog especially since you live so close and are using my agency too...so neat, Kristi

Kelly, Mom to the Putty's said...

Thanks for stopping in my blog. You can continue to catch glimpses into ET as I continue to post. It is an amazing country.

Angela said...
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Angela said...


My husband and I are also adopting from Ethiopia thru CWA -just officially started the ball rolling today. I almost used AGCI as well, it was a hard decision. We live in Southaven. My blog address is angieethiopianadoption.blogspot.com. I'll definitly track your progress and feel free to check me out.

November 11, 2008 7:15 PM

Anonymous said...

We are adopting through AGCI and just turned in our dossier! How amazing it is to read about other families going through the same things and trusting in the same God...blessings.


Jim and April said...

HEllo! Found your blog while searching for blogs of people adopting through AGCI! We are thinking of going through with them and are going to their seminar on Monday! What made you choose them over the other agencies? are you pleased with them? THanks so much!

The Narrow Path said...

Hi there! I ran across your blog looking for families that have chosen to work with AGCI. I would love to know why you chose that agency over others. It's so hard to choose and I just want to be sure we have the right partner through this process. God bless you and good luck getting all of your stuff done before the next call!