Friday, April 18, 2014

Puzzle Fundraiser

Once we have our home study approved, we will have our “official” referral.  With this official referral comes all the fees from our adoption agency.  The total amount of fees we are looking at is around $33,000.  We are assuming this will be due in the next 3-4 weeks.  I had my friend Tymm tell me as we were praying for our children that “the cost of redemption through adoption is OUTRAGEOUS.”  That is some hard truth there.

So, in thinking through ways to help us in this journey, we thought that a puzzle fundraiser would be a great way to do that.  Let me give you the details on how this will work…

We had a custom image made to represent our family.  (See below … but the actual puzzle does not have hearts over their faces :).  We had it made as a 300 piece 16”x20” puzzle.  The way it will work is that for each $15 donated to our adoption, we will put that family’s name on the back of a puzzle piece and add it to the completed puzzle.  So, if a family donates $60, they would have 4 puzzle pieces.  We also have a puzzle for each of our children so there are 600 pieces total.  If we can complete this fundraiser quickly, it will give us $9000 of the $33,000 needed for our official referral.

Another really cool thing we’re doing with this is if you donate puzzle pieces to our adoption, we will send you the exact piece(s) of our children’s puzzle that have your name on it (we will need your address to mail you the puzzle piece so please email that to us at  We had a couple extra puzzles made so that we could send the pieces out to everyone.  It will have a magnet on the back so you can hang it on your fridge as a tangible reminder of being a piece of our puzzle.  It can also serve as a reminder to pray for our children.

What’s so fantastic about this is that our children will be able to tangibly see the village that helped bring them home.  We plan to frame each puzzle with a clear back so they can see the names any time they’d like.

Another great thing with this puzzle fundraiser is that the donations will be through our Pure Charity site at  Donations are tax-deductible since the funds go directly to our adoption agency.  On our Pure Charity site, we have a YouTube video telling our story.  It’s 9 minutes (it’s hard to summarize God’s journey for our family in a couple minutes!) and I’ll include it at the bottom of this post.

Would you pray for our family that the funds will all be there for our official referral?  Would you share our story with your social media circles?  Thank you for joining us in this journey!

Here is the puzzle we made:


Here is the video we put together for our Pure Charity fundraiser:

And here is the link again for donating through our Pure Charity site:

(In the coming days, we will also highlight the other ways to help but they are listed here if you’re interested.)

Thanks again for helping us bring our children home!

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