Sunday, March 20, 2011

Few pictures from today

OK, I know I have slacked on things in this world.  That’s no secret.  And there is really a good excuse.  Really there is.  I just can’t give it up yet.  Hopefully in the next couple weeks I will be able to talk about the exciting news of what has consumed my last 5+ months of my life.

In any event, here are a few pics from today … it’s sad in looking at our camera that we have not taken any pictures on our ‘good’ camera in a month.  We’ve done a few on our little point/shoot and our phone.  But next month we’ll do our own little photo shoot for his 2.5 year pics … friends, that’s just crazy.  Our boy will be 30 months old!  He is such a little man now … unreal what he is saying these days.  For example, at supper tonight, we were eating out on the deck (it’s been amazing here in TN the past few days).  As our side item, we had some squash.  I eat all mine and Silas nonchalantly picks up a piece of his, puts it on my plate and says "I'm borrowing you some daddy.”  Amber and I look at each other and laugh.  Yeah, it’s not the right word but what 2 year old gets that?!  It is definitely fun stuff happening around our house all the time.

Oh, before the pics, I’ve been horrible in updating where we are with Silas’ sister.  We are UNOFFICIALLY #24 on the list.  Even with all the things going on in Ethiopia, there was good movement the past couple weeks.  We still don’t know what will exactly happen in Ethiopia but it appears it won’t be the proposed 5 cases/day being processed.  It appears it may be 20-25 which would be about 1/2 of what they were doing.  However, before the changes, we know many families did not pass court due to MOWA documents not being there so would that mean they were really doing less than 50/day??  Who knows … we’re just praying for our daughter, for each child waiting for a family and that each child is truly an orphan and that any unethical processes would be dealt with immediately and those responsible be appropriately dealt with.

OK, with no further ado, here’s our boy :)


Before church …so big.  Really don't think it gets much cuter. Just sayin'


Silas was all about modeling today – here is another shot of him and immediately after wanting to see his picture


Silas and his momma – my 2 favorite people in the world.


I’m glad Silas makes this picture look good.


I never knew how much fun a tape measure could be.  Many of hours so far.  I’m surprised the thing still actually works.


Disregard the highwaters … the boy sits with his feet crossed like this all the time :)


Silas has to mimic what we do EXACTLY these days.  He had to get a pillow, lay down, and cover all the way up just like his momma.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ethiopian Adoptions

OK, most of you in the Ethiopian Adoption world are well in tune with these events.  And I know I have been a stranger ‘round these parts … and there is good reason for that which will be explained at another time.

Today, I am asking for your help.  I believe you know how God has busted open my heart for Ethiopia and her children.  The Ethiopian government body Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MOWA) has announced they plan to CUT processing adoptions up to 90% starting this week.   A notice just got posted to the State Department today.  A little background can be found here -

I am asking you to sign the petition at the link below asking them to reconsider this recommendation.  This petition will be sent by the Joint Council on International Children’s Services ( to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia.  I am humbly asking you to share it with your friends, family, church, facebook, etc.   There is a facebook event here that you can join and invite others to join as well. 

And as much as I want to make this about me and my daughter in Ethiopia, I can’t.  It is true that if this actually happens, our wait for our daughter would go from an estimated 5-6 months to 4-5 YEARS.  Bigger than that though are the thousands of children that will continue to sit in orphanages waiting for their forever family.  Children who are HIV+ that have parents waiting to bring them home and get them the care they need.  Children pouring their hearts out to God that they may feel the love of a mom and a dad.  Even bigger than that are the children that won’t be able to receive the care they need because there is no room for them.  Living on the street or in dire conditions – vulnerable … hungry … no shelter … no hope.  And let me be clear:  corruption has NO place in the world of adoption.  I am not advocating for corruption by advocating they reconsider this recommendation.  I believe there are other ways without affecting thousands of innocent children.

Here is the petition:  Please take a minute and sign.

And the JCICS just posted this today on their blog:

In only 24-hours, over 11,000 concerned individuals have joined our Emergency Campaign for Ethiopian Children by signing our petition. We extend our thanks to all who have supported this initiative by signing the petition, distributing the campaign information and expressing your support of child protections and ethical adoption.

Today, we have continued our communication with the Ethiopian government and respectfully brought the outpouring of concern to them. We believe that there may have been positive developments and will provide further updates as information is confirmed.

There is NO DOUBT that I believe this is a spiritual war going on.  It’s not a battle with MOWA, Ethiopian officials, or the courts. It’s not of this world.  It’s against satan and his army.  He loves orphans.  He HATES adoption.  He loves the lost.  He hates that as Christ-followers, we are forever found and adopted into God’s family.  He loves the broken hearted.  He hates a joyful heart.  Amber sent an email out to friends last night and one of our missionary friends responded today: Amber, I will be praying.  I received an email this morning from one of our vice presidents who is from Ethiopia about heavy persecution of believers in the southwest of the country.  Over 50 churches and 30 homes have been burned.  Much to pray for.

We also know where God’s heart lies in regards to orphans and His children… it’s throughout Scripture.  However, we also know that the majority of the time, He works through His people to accomplish things on the earth.  So, we can’t idly sit by and watch and just say “God’s got this” and think He’ll actually do anything if His people aren’t doing anything. 

PLEASE join me in praying for Ethiopia, the children in Ethiopia and the leaders who will be making decisions over the next few days.  Pray that these leaders will see the face of Jesus every time they talk about their children.  Also, praise Jesus’ name for who He is, for what He’s done for us, and His plans for our lives.  Our lives may not play out how we thought they would or how we think they should, but it’s not really about us.  It’s about a time on this earth in preparation for an eternity praising, glorifying and honoring the King of all kings and the LORD of all lords.  As a baseball fan and with the season just around the corner, I think of our time on earth as the preseason – a time to work out all the kinks, to practice, to understand our role and responsibility on the team, and enjoy playing a game we love with a team that you’d die for.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.