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Our story is the typical story of where the girl took a chance on a boy.  The boy courted said girl for 9 months, proposed on the campus of Indiana University and he 'married up' in October 2003.  And, instead of retyping it all here, you can read about how God led us to the adoption journey here (our first post on our blog from July 2008).

Our son Silas was born in October 2008 and came home in June 2009.  He is all boy - he loves being outside, in the dirt, being loud, and loving life.  His current favorite movie is 'Planes' and we will catch him singing songs he hears on the radio all the time.

Silas' Adoption Video

Our daughter Saylor was born in June 2012 and came home September 2012.  She is full of personality, loves music/dancing, and loves reading books.  She recently saw the movie 'Frozen' and sat still for the whole movie (amazing).  She goes around 'singing' "Let it Go" constantly now. :)

{Saylor's video still to come}

We are stoked about the journey God has us on.  We want to honor Him in all we do.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Troy, Amber, Silas & Saylor

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