Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall Fun 2014

I have to be honest in saying that Troy and I would love to have spent the first part of this fall season purchasing plane tickets to Ethiopia to meet our newest additions to our family; however, this was not God’s plan for us.  SO..we are determined to focus on the beautiful blessings we already have in our home, and making the most of this beautiful time of year.  So far this fall, we have attended Disney’s ‘Frozen on Ice’, traveled north for a wedding, carved pumpkins, bought our Halloween costumes, gotten spoiled with treats from aunts and grandparents, attended a local fall festival, and celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.   I have also spent time making all things pumpkin in the kitchen which Troy and Saylor are fine with….Silas, not so much.  Maybe he will come around eventually;)  Enjoy the pictures below and Happy Fall Y’all!

October2014 021

October2014 003

October2014 080

October2014 048

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Silas is Six!

I struggle to even type out the words that Silas turned six today.  SIX!!!  I remember celebrating his 1st birthday like it was yesterday.  Oh how we love this precious boy of ours, and we love celebrating his life! This year we gave him the option of having a birthday party or a family fun day where he plans out(within reason) the entire day.  He chose family fun day, and honestly, we were happy about that because it’s much less work on our part!  We did his family fun day yesterday because it worked out better with our schedules.  Below, I have listed a run down complete with pictures of how the day went!

So…we started off the day at his favorite donut shop here in town.  Let me just say this boy can EAT when the meal involves food he truly loves.  He had a chocolate donut with sprinkles, 2 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, 1/2 a piece of toast, and some chocolate milk. 

October2014 036


Next up, we visited the animals at the park near our home. Silas got to see the possum, a few snakes, turtles, owl, and salamander.  We didn’t snap any pics there, but then he wanted to head home to put on his new Olaf costume.  He also encouraged Saylor to put on her Elsa costume. So, you would infer that they were going to act out parts of the movie ‘Frozen’ as they were dressed up, right?  Nope, our son thought this would be a great time to play ‘puppy’ :)!  The way this generally works is that I (or Troy) am the puppy owner and he and Saylor are the puppies.  They have to be fed, sang to sleep, given treats, etc…  In the picture below, the puppy was getting a kiss :)  Daddy also thought maybe we could let Silas open presents throughout the day to give him time to play with each one so he opened his first present from Aunt Connie and her family.  It was toy planes from one of his favorite movies ‘Planes, Fire & Rescue’

October2014 037

October2014 039

After all that play, we headed to another current favorite restaurant of Silas’ for lunch.  Lucky for us, they do free hot dog kids meals and this is what he wanted!  After his huge breakfast, he really wasn’t all that hungry.  So, he ate a hot dog minus the bun, a few fried pickles, fruit, and part of an ice cream cup. 

October2014 038


After lunch, we let him open one of his presents from his Aunt Amy and her family.  He was thrilled to get walkie talkies, night vision goggles, and a spy watch. This kept him entertained while Saylor napped before the next item up on his agenda!


October2014 019


The next thing he wanted to do was see the movie, Dolphin Tale 2 AND eat popcorn for supper.(do you see a trend in that a lot of what he wanted to do involves food?? ).  He enjoyed the movie, and asked me if we could go visit the real Winter and Hope(the characters the movie was based around…and it was based on a true story) sometime. 

October2014 040


The original plan was to come home and eat cake after the movie, but Silas was too full.  So, he opened one more present before heading to bed. It was another toy plane and fire truck from the Planes movie. He also got a Planes themed blanket and sleeping bag. The sleeping bag was the perfect place for this boy to sleep after his fun day.

Let me just say that as he gets older, Silas is learning to milk his birthday for all it’s worth, and when he woke up today, I think he thought he would get to dictate everything just like on his fun day.  We obliged some of his requests,  but we reminded him that his fun day was yesterday, and he doesn’t get every single thing he wants just because it’s his birthday! 

He started off the day with his favorite breakfast at home, chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter.  He then opened up another gift which was some new tennis shoes which he wore to church.

October2014 041


After lunch, he was finally ready to have some of his delicious birthday cake that he had planned himself.  He picked out peanut butter ice cream with Reese’s cups in it, and he had Halloween Oreos for the crust. He also chose Reese Pieces to go on top.  Can I just say, he gets his love for chocolate and peanut butter honest from his daddy!


October2014 042

After that, he opened his last presents that were from Troy and I.  He was thrilled to get ‘real’ handcuffs and a metal detector.  So far, our yard has managed to stay pretty intact, but you never know what this boy will be digging up!

October2014 043

October2014 044

Silas spent the rest of the day playing with neighbors, testing out his walkie talkies, and enjoying more cake after supper.  I think all in all he had a great birthday. Just so I have it documented, here are a few current things about Silas:

height: 46” 

favorite food: peanut butter

favorite t.v. shows: Paw Patrol, Wild Kratts

favorite activities: riding his bike, playing with the neighbors, watching t.v., having books read to him

what he tells Troy and I every single night:  ‘ you be careful and I’ll be careful’  ‘I love you to the moon and back more times than you can imagine’

I think that sums it up for now!  Silas, daddy and I love you so much.  We love that we get to be on the sidelines as you grow both inside and out. Multiple people have told us that you are such a sweetheart, and we would have to agree!  We love you to the moon and back more times than you can imagine!   Happy 6th Birthday!