Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall Fun 2014

I have to be honest in saying that Troy and I would love to have spent the first part of this fall season purchasing plane tickets to Ethiopia to meet our newest additions to our family; however, this was not God’s plan for us.  SO..we are determined to focus on the beautiful blessings we already have in our home, and making the most of this beautiful time of year.  So far this fall, we have attended Disney’s ‘Frozen on Ice’, traveled north for a wedding, carved pumpkins, bought our Halloween costumes, gotten spoiled with treats from aunts and grandparents, attended a local fall festival, and celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.   I have also spent time making all things pumpkin in the kitchen which Troy and Saylor are fine with….Silas, not so much.  Maybe he will come around eventually;)  Enjoy the pictures below and Happy Fall Y’all!

October2014 021

October2014 003

October2014 080

October2014 048

October2014 049

October2014 050

October2014 054

October2014 057

October2014 058

October2014 059

October2014 060

October2014 061


October2014 066

October2014 069

October2014 082

October2014 071

October2014 072

October2014 075

October2014 076

October2014 077

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