How to Help

We would love for you to be part of our adoption!  Below are some ways you can help bring our children home...


There is nothing more we need than prayer.  God knows the exact details for everything we need and our children need.  Thank you for joining us in this way - we really appreciate it!

Etsy Site

We have an Etsy site that has handmade jewelry, sports prints, and adoption/mission trip prints (the design of our puzzle) on it as well.  You can view our shop here:  Thank you for your continued support to help us bring our children home!

Pure Charity / Puzzle Fundraiser

We are doing a puzzle fundraiser! For every $15 donated on our Pure Charity site, we will write your name on the back of a puzzle piece (puzzle shown below). We have a puzzle for each child and each puzzle has 300 pieces so we have 600 pieces total. What's really cool about this puzzle is that we will also send you the exact pieces of their puzzles that had your name on them (we bought extras to give away these pieces). We will put a magnet on the pieces so you can hang it up as a tangible reminder of being a piece of the puzzle.  It can also serve as a reminder to pray for our children!

This project will show our children the village that helped bring them home - the families that were a "piece of the puzzle" in bringing them home.  We will keep you updated on the progress of the puzzles here.

UPDATE: The Puzzles are complete!  Thank you to everyone who helped bring our children home.  Our Pure Charity site is still active to help us with travel expenses...thanks again!

Superman Was Adopted T-Shirts

Our friends who are the vendors for the "Superman Was Adopted" t-shirts are giving us all their proceeds for our adoption over the next few months!  So humbling!  If you'd like one, you can get them on

We are using Amazon to help us with our adoption.  If you click our link, it will take you to the homepage of Amazon.  However, anything you buy, we will get a percentage of the sale.  It doesn't cost you anymore but it helps us.  Easy Peasy!

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