Thursday, September 11, 2008

Joint Interview

On Monday, Amber and I trekked to downtown Nashville to Miriam's Promise for our joint interview. Since this was our first set of interviews, there were alot of unknowns on how it was going to go. Our social worker is great ... she was very easy to talk to and there were no 'weird' moments. I think the hardest part of the meeting was talking about our conflicts when it comes to finances. We really do a MUCH better job now than we used to do in regards to this. I think we do a good job now at communicating on things that may become issues. And I think I have gotten better at not assuming too much when it comes to what Amber thinks or knows about a financial situation. Since I'm a "spreadsheet" guy, I used to assume she knew exactly what/where/how/etc we were but know that's not the way it really works now ... it's amazing what a little communication can do.

In any event, that interview is over with. We found out from our social worker that most our references are in so that's good. THANK YOU REFERENCES! All other paperwork is in as well. I have my individual interview next Tuesday, the 16th, and Amber has hers the following Tuesday. At that time, we should be able to send in our 600-A form to request our FBI fingerprints. We've been told by our social worker that Memphis is S-L-O-W in processing docs so we want to try to get them in as soon as possible. Once Amber has her interview, we can get the home visit interview scheduled.

This Saturday is our first classroom parenting class ... it will be from 9am - 3pm. It will continue next Saturday and then we'll be able to check that off the list.

We tried to start our online parenting class tonight. We paid the $100 fee but didn't realize they had to "process" the payment before getting us our username/password. So, that'll have to wait until at least tomorrow night. Our goal is to have that class done before our home visit.

Our goal is to have the home study done in the beginning of October. It all then comes down to how quick Memphis gets us our form ... praying it's quick! Can't wait to get on the list!

About 2-3 times a week now, I hear my bride say "I want our baby now!" ... couldn't agree with her more ... except I gotta get some home projects done prior to that day.

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Anonymous said...

how exciting! i love seeing the progress you guys are making on the adoption "to do" list. it is encouraging that things seem to be going smoothly for you so far!