Saturday, September 13, 2008

Parenting 101

We had our first of two parenting class today ... and it actually went by fairly quickly for a 6 hour day. There was some overlap from some other studies we've had to do, but it was really good to be in a room with 5 other couples all going about the same thing. One couple was adopting from China (they have one daughter from China and adopting another one ... prolly 3+ year wait), one Russia (having major issues/delays due to government), one undecided, one leaning towards Russia, and one other from Ethiopia ... the Seays. We had actually seen their blog before but it is really cool to see how God has grown their family. Amy informed us that there was a Ethiopian Adoption Support Group that meets about 30 miles away from us so that was awesome to hear about that. It was also interesting to hear the family adopting from China say that they are still friends with people from their first adoptions's homestudy and travel groups. We will finish this classroom time next Saturday. However, all this adoption talk made Amber say her patented phrase: "I want our baby now!" :)

Amber and I were just talking this past week how blessed we feel about our adoption process so far. A ton of work but we've had no major barriers so far ... we know there is a long way to go and anything can happen but we feel we're seeing miracles in our daily prayers for our adoption, the process, our child, and his/her birth family and their salvation. Please continue to pray for all that ... we are so grateful for the prayers of God's people.

I got my passport in the mail today! That was quick ... I mailed it out on August 29th ... impressive.

We also had a non-adoption milestone occur last night as well ... Amber's Toyota Camry rolled over the 200,000 mile mark. I love that car and use it as my daily driver for my 75 mile roundtrip to work. I feel very comfortable in that car and would drive it anywhere. It's going to be hard to convince me to buy anything else when that one is ready to retire. We're hoping that time is not soon as we need to get through our adoption and settled into our new budget with Amber going part time.

More gas price gouging ranting ... I saw it for $4.59/gallon today! That is a full $1 over what it was prior to Ike ... and there is no way the price made it from the refineries to the pump that quick ... especially when down the road it is $3.79. And this makes it even more unbelievable...

"Ike landed near the nation's biggest complex of refineries and petrochemical plants, and already, prices were reacting. Gas prices nationwide rose nearly 6 cents a gallon to $3.733, according to auto club AAA, the Oil Price Information Service and Wright Express."

It's unfortunate but I have to keep mental notes of the gouging places and never get gas from them.

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