Friday, September 26, 2008

State Certified

Another thing got crossed off the list today ... I got the 'joy' of going to downtown Nashville over lunch to get our Power of Attorney document state certified. Parking is always an adventure in Nashville ... I found a parking garage, pulled in, and immediately had the security guard inform me that it was a private garage. There were boatloads of open spaces and made me wonder who were the private people?? Nevertheless, traveled down the road a bit and found a $6/hour spot. Honestly, that isn't bad since I had many opportunities when I lived in Chicago-land to experience $15 short-term parking. I went to the 6th floor of the Snodgrass Tower, gave them our document, traveled to the 7th floor to pay my $2 charge, and came back down to pick up my document.

I had an interesting conversation with the 23 year old girl who I picked up my document from. She asked if the document was for an adoption so I got to share our story. She told me that she had legal responsibility of her 16 year old sister ... amazing story. It made me stand back and realize how much this 23 year old (who looked 16 herself) had on her plate. She told her sister to stay home from school today as there was a threat at her school of a riot. There was a gang shooting at her school in the past week and today was a potential retaliation ... thankfully, I don't think anything happened but man, what in the world is going on!?!

Other updates ... Amber had her individual interview on Tuesday. Unfortunately, we have to wait until Monday, October 6th for our home visit. I think everything else for our home study is in.

We were hoping to get our I-600A mailed in this week and we didn't get it in. We have it ready except for copies of our birth certificates and marriage certificate ... we will do those on Monday and get it mailed Monday/Tuesday.

Only a couple other things we know about ... we have to get the photocopies of our passport photo pages notarized ... we honestly just forgot about those. We also have taken pictures of ourselves and our house ... just have to get them developed.

Have a good weekend ... I think Amber and I are going to do some hiking tomorrow ... it'll be good to hang out together out in God's creation ... have a good weekend!

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