Saturday, August 30, 2008

Slowly But Surely

We're making progress. Sometimes it's not as fast as you want but I know I have to keep the eye on the master list and we're able to keep ticking things off that list. This past week consisted of...

  • Amber and I got our work verification signed/notarized for the dossier
  • I went to the Rutherford County Sheriff's office on Friday and they gave me their standard background check form notarized for the dossier (already was there once to get Miriam's Promise form filled out). It's not the same suggested form that AGCI gave us so I have an email into our case manager to confirm this one will work.
  • I turned in my passport request so hopefully I'll get that in about 4 weeks.
  • I had my doctor's appointment for our home study on Friday. I went to a Physcian Walk-in Clinic close to our house and the doc was great. So great that he didn't charge me for my physical (just my labs he has no control over) because he thought what we were doing was great ... how cool is that!? I may have found a new doc. Amber has her doc appt this coming Wed. Hopefully we'll have her labs back to take with us on Monday the 8th to our joint interview with Miriam's Promise. Once we get our medical forms in to them, we can then schedule our individual interviews.
  • We registered to get our fingerprints done for our home study. The place wasn't open Friday so I couldn't go then. They are only open from 7am - 3:30pm so we gotta work our schedules to get there this coming week.
  • We both found our birth certificates and marriage certificates filed away.
  • We're about 1/2 way through the Eyes Wide Open workbook. Amber went to Indiana this weekend for her cousin's wedding shower so I have a feeling we'll be spending Labor Day laboring over this workbook. Once we get this book done, we're going to migrate to the online parenting class. It'd be great to have this done prior to our classroom parenting classes are finished on September 20th.
  • The references for our home study were mailed out and I think everyone has received them. We probably should have bribed our references to get them done quicker :) Just kidding ... everyone who is filling out these forms are very responsible and know the importance of them ... we even have one set of friends that are adopting from Ethiopia from another agency (they're on the referral list awaiting their child).

Our next call with AGCI is this Tuesday. I think we're on track for everything so hopefully Julie sees it that way as well :)

Have a great Labor Day!

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Lauren said...

You guys are doing great! You'll have your babe in no time:)
How is the Eyes Wide Open booklet? We still haven't received ours. We started on the online courses. We still have 8 more to go. Thanks for keeping us posted on your progress.