Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Contracts Received

Although I'm dragging tail and feel like an old man from laying tile at the rental house the last couple nights until midnight, this just came through in email...

Troy & Amber,

I wanted to let you know we have received your contracts for the Ethiopia program and will process them within the next (3) three business days. Your dossier packet and your copies of the contracts will then be mailed out to you. Your program case manager, will be in touch with you once your contracts have been processed, to officially welcome you as an adoptive family through our Ethiopia program.

Gotta love God's little pick-me-ups when you need them. I'm done feeling sorry for myself ... at least for now :)

I also talked to our home study and we're getting everything prepped to turn in our paperwork on Monday the 18th. We did have plans to do it tomorrow or Friday but Miriam's Promise is taking tomorrow and Friday for an all-staff retreat and training. I thought that was pretty cool ... more companies should do that but unfortunately, they just see the short-term dollar signs and not the long-term potential.

Once our homestudy paperwork is in and processed, we'll be setting up our interviews. We're going to schedule our joint interview first since we're waiting for the medical exams until the dossier paperwork comes through (hopefully next week!). Our social worker recommended that we do it this way so we can continue moving forward but ensure we get all documents to the doctor in one trip. Our social worker is so nice and helpful. Good things all around. OK, hard to feel sorry for myself when I step back and look at all the blessings God is throwing at me. God is GOOD!


Randy and Christine said...

I saw your link thru Nicole and Adam's page. Good luck with the adoption! Our nanny here in UAE is Ethiopian- and we love her dearly. I don't see how that can be useful to you, but thought I would mention it. -Chris Meunier

Margaret said...

May God direct all your steps, help you to stay patient, and continue to amaze you as He shares 'His child' with you.

Did you know that Dave is adopted and his mother's name is Miriam? :)