Friday, August 22, 2008

AGCI Conference Call

We had our first conference call with our Case Manager Julie last night. I think it went real well. She said she was very happy for our progress with our home study documentation. I have to admit, the Adoption Planner is a little intimidating but Julie did a great job explaining everything and telling us what to focus on for the next 2 weeks which include...

Home Study - we've turned in 95+% of our documentation but need to finish getting our final documents (medical forms, tax return) to Miriam's Promise. Our social worker there has been great. What is amazing to me is that Amber called our doctor today to see when we could get in for the physicals, etc. They told her that if we wanted to see the doctor, it would be FEBRUARY! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Apparently it takes 6 months to see our doc. The nurse practioner is the end of September which is still unacceptable to us. Hopefully we just go to a walk-in clinic to have all this paperwork completed vs. having to go to our primary care physician.

We have to get our joint interview scheduled. Our social worker said we could go ahead and do this interview and do the individual ones next since we don't have our medical forms turned in yet.

We also gotta get FBI fingerprints for the home study per AGCI so we're asking Miriam's about that as well and can hopefully get that scheduled in the next week or so...

And then there's the education. Alot of education. We have an online parenting class we have to take together for AGCI ... something like 11 lessons. We also have the Eyes Wide Open big ol' workbook to do. And then we have our parenting classes for Miriam's on Saturday Sept. 13 and 20th. I have realized I have to get the work on the rental house done very soon so Amber and I can bust through this homework. I know it'll be very beneficial for us ... just seems like alot. I can already see alot of homework 'dates' in our future at Panera Bread, coffee houses, etc.

Documents to Order - we gotta order our birth certificates and marriage certificates along with me having to get my passport.

Also, be praying for Amber ... some of you know she's been having back issues for a while ... we're pretty sure it's a bulging disc and though she has done most conservative treatments (therapy, etc, etc) ... being that she's a pediatric physical therapist, she is constantly in bad positions to allow it not to heal. So ... through alot of discussion and prayer, we have decided it is the right time for her to go part time. She will be working 3 days a week starting the first week of October which will hopefully allow her to heal up before God gives us our child (well, really as my aunt told me, it's HIS child that He's loning us for a while). She was going to go part time when we get our child anyways so it's just a few months early. This will also allow her to do whatever paperchasing for us on her days off which is good. It's just trusting God through this ... that He'll heal her and He'll keep the finances in check. I know all that in my head ... it's just letting it always dwell in my heart I sometimes have issues with.

Have a great weekend! If anyone is around Murfreesboro this weekend, we're having a painting party all weekend at the rental house ... you're more than welcomed to join! :)


C & R said...

Yea for phone calls!!!! thank you so much for praying!!!!!

julie_joshb said...

Praying for Amber Troy. I really hope taking less days will help her out. That is a lot of reading and classes to do huh? Must be realitivily new to AGCI or to the program. You'll get thru it. keep your eye on the PRISE! :)

Kelsey said...

it was great to see you yesterday. SO excited for you!!!

Lauren said...

Wow, you guys are moving right along:) We are working on our profiles right now. We just registered for the online classes but we haven't received the Eyes Wide Open workbook yet. Anyway, I love hearing where you are at in the process

Margaret said...

Keep your level of expectation high - God will continue to amaze you with His favor, wisdom, grace, provision, and healing!

nic and saul said...

Hello Troy and Amber. Saul here. Just wanted to wish you the best on your Journey toward parenthood. Nicole is very excited. I'm happy too but wanted to give you six helpful tips to help you along the way.
1. If you have nice things, put them away.
2. Cherish these final days that you can be alone in the bathroom as they will soon end. Yes you will have an audience while on the toilet.
3. In preparation for a toddler, buy a rooster, place it on the floor in your home and chase it around the house everyday for a week. Clean up the mess, then go to sleep till it cockadoodle doos you awake at 6am. Then repeat. Good training.
4. Instead of having nice adult conversation with each other, replace it with pointing to random items in the room and asking "what's that"? "What's that"? Do this for hours. Trust me..
5. Troy get yourself a good strong sports cup. Each child is born with a radar toward this area and will randomly fling their heads and limbs right to the groin. Oh what fun.
6. Laugh at it all cause its the most awesome thing you will ever do. You'll be great and you'll LOVE every minute of it. :)
Best to you..