Monday, August 18, 2008

My wife has BABY FEVER!

My friend/business partner and I have been busting it at the rental house. We worked Friday night until about 11pm laying tile. Sidenote, but I have much respect for guys/gals that lay tile fulltime. I'm a wuss ... I'm so sore. Anyways, when I got home, Amber was still up. She proceeded to tell me what she did all night. She told me she made a list of boy's and girl's names. She was also online searching at baby furniture and was also blog-jumping throughout the night and had to quit because she was getting emotional reading about and watching new videos of families meeting their children, etc. Can you say baby fever!?! It's so awesome and cute to see how excited she is though.

With all the work on the rental house, I haven't been home much at all to hang out with Amber over the past couple weeks. I told her I was taking Saturday off to hang out and do whatever she wanted to do. We went to a birthday party of one of her patients (she's a pediatric physical therapist). I asked her what else she wanted to do ... "go look at furniture." Heh, so we went to a few local stores to start getting an idea for cribs, etc. We're trying to decide between cheaper crib vs. more expensive that is more like "real" furniture and could last longer into the full bed, etc. I think we have enough time to figure it all out though...

BIG NEWS TONIGHT! While I was out mowing and Amber was on a walk, we got a message from our new AGCI Case Manager! What is so cool is that she is the Case Manager we met at the AGCI Picnic. She followed the voicemail up with an email and said that we should be receiving our Adoption Planner soon. How cool!

I also dropped what I thought was all the paperwork (except for medical exams) off to Miriam's Promise today. However, our social worker informed me that I forgot one thing so I have to run it up there tomorrow. She said she would review all the paperwork and once all is confirmed, she would be in contact to setting up our interviews.

All in all, a real good day today.


Kerrie said...

Enjoy this time planning! I loved doing all those things building up to the point when we had Kendal. Imagining what the child will look like and how their personality will be makes for such an awesome blessing.

Lauren said...

Thanks for the encouraging comment. It's good to hear about the light at the end of the tunnel:)

Christi said...

You guys are going to be GREAT parents!