Friday, August 8, 2008

Another Milestone Complete!

We just got into my hometown .... a couple hours south of Chicago ... to visit my parents, sister, and nephews ... among other family. My sister and nephews flew in from Texas ... her husband didn't come with her due to his work schedule. Tomorrow, we're going to be visiting my grandfather who is in the hospital. He's not doing very good ... he recently had a feeding tube inserted and may have to have his toe amputated due to poor circulation. He just turned 92 on Tuesday My grandmother/his wife of of 65+ years passed away on New Years Day 2007 and I know he misses her and I'm sure he's ready to see her in heaven. Nevertheless, it'll be good to see him. My great aunt Ann will be going with us (she's 90) to see Grandpa ... when I told her we were adopting a few weeks ago, she was SO cute and SO excited for us (she has a great-granddaughter who was adopted from China). Sunday will then consist of church and a family get-together. Monday morning we'll be heading back home. It'll be a short trip but it will be a good trip.

Before we left town this afternoon, Amber and I were able to make a pitstop. We were able to get our AGCI contracts, paperwork, and payment mailed in today! It was an exciting day ... it was, I guess, the 2nd big milestone ... first with our application being accepted and now the contracts. Hopefully, AGCI can process quickly and get our dossier set out soon. I still haven't finished my autobiography ... I'm close ... hopefully will have time this weekend to wrap it up.

We got signed up for our home study parenting class today that will be Sept. 13th and Sept 20th. I'm glad it's over 2 Saturdays rather than another option we heard of it being over 5 weeks. We have to take this 10 hour class and then another 10 hour class for AGCI as well.

It's been a long day ... time for bed. A couple pics highlighting our day are below...

All the paperwork that was signed and sent in today

My lovely bride making the copies of the 31 pages of contracts/paperwork

About ready to turn over the packet to be sent onto Portland ... giddy-up USPS!


emilyspeech said...

Yay! Another step closer...Have a great trip with the family.'re standing like your back hurts in that picture. Hope it feels better. See you Tuesday.

Kerrie said...

I really enjoy the blog. It's great to watch you go through this process. Continue to keep us updated!

Christi said...

I love hearing about all the details. Blessings on you two!

julie_joshb said...

yeah yeah yeah...u are closer every time u send something else in! so excited for you! so sorry about your grandpa! I hope u have a wonderful visit with him! :)

Margaret said...

Our whole family is so excited for you! I love reading your adventure and can hardly wait for more to unfold. God is faithful!
Margaret & the rest of the Milburns

P.S. Glad you got to see Grandpa.