Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Orientation Call

I meant to write about our orientation call last night; however, I own a rental house with a friend and the tenant just informed us on Friday that she was moving out (aka, breaking the lease with rent due) and she was out Saturday night. Nevertheless, last night consisted of us unloading the house (she left alot of things that need hauled to the dump), pulling up carpet/pad, busting up tile, etc, etc. We are blessed though ... I have a friend who is in between jobs that is willing to help us out ... he is actually over at the house now in 95+ degree heat making trips to the dump to get rid of all the trash. THANKS JASON!

In any event, we had our orientation call with AGCI yesterday. Our current contact at AGCI is great ... she was very informative, sweet, nice, and considerate.

We went through the orientation packet, got our questions answered, understood the process a little more, and figured out what our next steps are ... all in about 30 minutes or so. At this point, it's really just signing/notarizing AGCI paperwork and the contract for Ethiopia and sending it in along with the big ol' check. We thought we knew what the amount was...and we were close ... it's just different when someone else states it ... I guess it becomes reality at that point. In any event, we're hoping to get everything mailed off before we leave this weekend to Illiniois to visit my parents, my sister/nephews who will be visiting from Texas, and other family.

The autobiography is getting close to being done ... I've actually started the story of how I met Amber ... long, drawn-out story but pretty cool how God works through it all (even though I didn't realize that at the time). I think I'm ahead of Amber though and isn't that all that really matters?? :) Hopefully, between working on the rental house in the evenings, I will be able to get it finished before going to Illinois.

Once the senior thesis is done, we need to contact Miriam's Promise to see if we can officially start the home study or if we need to wait for the doctor paperwork to be filled out. We're waiting on going to the doc until we get our dossier so we can get the doc to fill out both the home study and dossier forms at the same time. If anyone has thoughts on waiting or not for the doc, let me know. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

i am so glad to hear that things are going well! how exciting to be able to check somethings off the list!

Paul and DeeDee said...

um I would go ahead and go to the doctor and let him know that he will have another piece of paper pretty similar to the homestudy one to fill out and notarize in a couple of weeks . You can then just fax it to him and then pick it up at his office when he's done. Just make sure to tell him his notary can't expire within 12 months or it will be no good. And there can't be any messups or cross outs on the form. We did this and it was fine but we also live close to his office. The sooner you can get your parts of the homestudy done the better:)

julie_joshb said...

So exciting Troy! Cannot wait to see this all unfold!!