Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This & That

Last Friday, we got a dusting of snow, but where we live you would think it was at least 12 inches!:)  I think it’s because I grew up in the North where they rarely called school off for anything that I find it so comical that they will call school off even at the prediction of snow here.  Nonetheless, I am sure the teachers love it, and Silas is thrilled to have snow…regardless of the amount.   I am glad he got to play in it a bit that morning because it had all melted by the afternoon.

January2012 024

He had already tossed the gloves here because he couldn’t eat the snow as well with them!

The next day Troy spent 1/2 the day taking apart Silas’ toddler bed and the bed in our guest bedroom.  We then switched them and converted Silas’ bed back to a crib for our daughter.  Silas got to sleep in his big boy bed for the 1st time at nap that day.  He has done great with the transition, and he seems to be more comfortable with the extra room so I think it was perfect timing!

January2012 021

One last picture(posed) in his toddler bed


January2012 022 

Our big boy that looks so small in this bed:)


January2012 025

The sneak peek at the nursery.  Actually, this is all that is completed, but I think it’s a good start.  Troy helped me put up the wall words and my mom sewed the bedding.  I love it so far.  We just need our beautiful daughter to make it complete!

January2012 023

Silas got the opportunity to play with one of his good friends when I had a Thirty-One party at my house this week.  I just thought this picture that Troy captured was too sweet, and it just so happened to be on Martin Luther King Day.  On Facebook, Troy posted the picture with this phrase by Dr. King, and it made me smile to think that at least part of his dream was coming true.   "I have a dream . . . that one day little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls and walk together as sister and brothers." Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



Finally, it was 9 years ago today that Troy proposed to me at Indiana University(where I received my undergraduate degree), and of course, I said “yes”.  So, I have to share the legend about the gazebo where he proposed. “One popular belief is the promise of matrimony for Indiana sweethearts, as long as they kiss under the gazebo outside of Maxwell Hall at exactly midnight. A fairy tale-esque tradition, this legend inspires many proposals and romantic evenings under the gazebo. It’s kind of hard to refuse your man when IU has destined you together for all eternity.”  No, he didn’t propose at midnight, but I do believe we’re destined together for all of eternity!  I am blessed!


Kim said...

You have such a sweet family!!

Lisa said...

Silas is going to love his big bed! Olivia sleeps in a full sized bed, and it is great...especially on those nights when she is scared or needs some reassurance to fall back Mommy can fall asleep while helping her! :)

Monica Johnson said...

I grew up in Iowa and live about 45 min south of you and I can't help but laugh at the reactions to a dusting of snow around here! ha ha