Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Birthday Fun & Thirty-One

We got to attend two different birthday parties for some of Silas’ buddies this past weekend.  I love birthdays at this age, and it is always great to celebrate the miracle of life! I honestly think Silas’ favorite part at both parties was the cupcakes.  We do give him sweets(monitored of course), but he ate cupcakes like they were going out of style.  I think he gets that from me:) 


First up was a monster themed party for these good friends, Bates and Harrison, who turned 3!


Bates is ready to dive in!


Silas gets overwhelmed in larger crowds so he stuck pretty close to Troy and I for the majority of the party

January2012 015

Everyone coloring their monsters!


Next up was the pirate and the princess party for Silas’ friends, Elijah and Ryann.  Silas loved the eye patch!

January2012 010

Silas with the birthday boy, Elijah!


Birthday Princess, Ryann


Silas and Lucy Lane.  Doesn’t she look thrilled to have her picture taken:)


All the kids got to participate in a ‘treasure’ hunt as part of the party, and then they got to spend the afternoon playing(the party was held at a local children’s museum).  All in all, we had a blessed weekend enjoying time as a family and celebrating good friends turning one year older!

I also wanted to share with you about a recent opportunity we have been presented with to help raise funds for our adoption.  We are at the point where we are currently saving for our travel expenses, and we were so blessed that our friend, Dovota Courtoy, said she would be willing to share a portion of her proceeds(~25%) from her next Thirty-One Sale.  I don’t know if you are familiar with Thirty-One products but they have super cute bags as well as numerous things to help ‘organize’ your life.  I love to organize so this got me excited!  For my local friends, we have a few house parties being hosted around town; however, I didn’t want to leave my non-local friends out so we are having an online sale as well.  The orders for the online sale need to be placed by 1/27/12 if you are interested in helping us bring our daughter home.  You can go here:

www.mythirtyone.com/dovota and click “Place an Order”;then choose Shop Now for Amber Lucht’s Thirty-One Party

Please feel free to share the link with family and friends.  Thanks!

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