Saturday, January 7, 2012

Melkam Gena and New ‘Do’

In America, we celebrate Christmas on December 25; however, in Ethiopia the celebration is held on January 7 and we are delighted to celebrate Christmas on both of these dates in our home.  We started our celebration last night by inviting some friends from church to try out a relatively new, local Ethiopian restaurant.  It was our first time to try this one out, and we loved it!  I didn’t get any pictures at the restaurant, but I did manage to get one of Silas once we got home; however, the pictures reveal that he was less than thrilled about getting his picture taken.  Also, check out his new ‘do’!  I had planned to have someone else do his hair, but she had to go out of town SO…I watched a YouTube tutorial on finger coils and I didn’t think it turned out too bad for my 1st real attempt.  It took me about an hour and a half(Silas watched a movie and required some bribery with a candy cane), and my client was a little on the squirmy side at times:)  I included a few pictures of the top and back.

January2012 005

January2012 003

January2012 002

January2012 001

Today we continued our little celebration by making an Ethiopian ‘snack’.  I was looking for something simple since Silas would be helping me, and these little Ethiopian fried snacks were pretty easy. 

January2012 007

This is the official name for what we made

January2012 006

Ready to put in the pan

January2012 008

Ready to eat!  Silas liked them so that was a plus(he has a ways to go with developing a taste for Ethiopian food….right now he primarily sticks to injera and chickpeas based dishes!)

We can’t wait until our daughter is home to join in some of these little celebrations with us.  Melkam Gena!

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Katie said...

His hair looks great! What product do you use?