Monday, October 3, 2011

Football & Fellowship

Troy and I are blessed to be part of a local orphan care ministry, The 1:27 Call, which hosts Forever Families Fellowships about four times a year for anyone interested in or that has foster parented or adopted   This past Saturday, The 1:27 Call hosted a tailgate tent prior to the Homecoming football game of our local University, and then the majority of us in attendance went to the game.  It was so fun to see all the beautiful children adopted from various countries running around.  I always feel like I get a small glimpse of what heaven will be like when we attend these events.  I also love that Silas has a unique bond with the children that I hope he’ll grow to appreciate as he gets older.  Below, you can enjoy some of the cuteness I got to witness at the Fellowship:)

October2011 001

Mary Leigh with her cutie boys, Bates and Brodie


October2011 005

Sweet Jordyn and Layla

October2011 008

One of many attempts to get a picture of all the children of the core group of members of The 1:27 Call

October2011 009

Benjamin recently came home from Rwanda and he is adjusting amazingly well. I love to witness the transformation of children who were once orphans to thriving once they are placed in a family.

October2011 011

Silas’ good buddy, Elijah.  He was not letting go of his football!

October2011 012

Silas and Haven(who was also adopted from Ethiopia)

October2011 014

Davis was so kind to give me a good smile

October2011 015

I really think Silas is going through a growth spurt(Troy gets tired of hearing me say it), but he is constantly saying “I am still hungry”.  He was enjoying his 2nd hot dog of the night followed by some popcorn that he talked daddy into buying him

October2011 016

This sweet girl had her parents camera and took lots of pictures of us throughout the course of the night(and sadly, they were better than half the pictures I take!)

October2011 017

Love these two boys!!

October2011 018

I’ll end with a picture of me with my precious son.  We had a great day and I definitely think the event was a success. top if off, our team won a very close game!  I am so glad God opened our hearts to adoption and orphan care in the summer of 2008 because our lives have been completely changed for the better because of it!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I think that is what heaven will be like too!!! :)

Kelly said...

I just love getting together with other adoptive families. I feel like there is such a comfort in being with like minded, family loving couples!!

Alison said...

So fun!!!