Monday, October 31, 2011


October2011 117 Introducing, Silas ‘Ali’.  He has his match face on, and he is ready to do some serious boxing for candy!

October2011 114

Pre-match photo

October2011 116

Serious concentration people!

October2011 118

Warming up!

October2011 123

Ready for action

 October2011 120

Its a WIN!  The prize was too much candy and a treat bag for the most unique costume!

October2011 127

I just had to end with this!  We went to a ‘trunk or treat’ at a local church tonight.  Each ‘trunk’ was decorated with some sort of Biblical theme or story.  I saw this and I just loved it!  Just as the members of that church freely gave candy to each child that came, Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we could have the free gift of Salvation.  If any of you have not received this wonderful gift of Salvation, I would love to tell you more about it.  It is the best gift you will ever receive, and I promise you it will forever change your life for the better.  I hope each of you has a blessed week!

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My Bigg Family said...

Such a cute little boxer!!! I like the sign from the trunk or treat as well, creative!