Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Farm & Fellowship

Summer is my favorite season; however, fall is a close second and I love all the activities associated with this time of year. One of my favorite things to do in the fall is visit a pumpkin farm.  We have been to a handful of local farms that have fall activities, but last year we discovered our favorite one yet! So, this past weekend we decided to return to that specific one, and the weather was perfect!  Silas enjoyed it last year, but I think he was able to appreciate it even more this  year as is depicted in the pictures below.

October2011 088

Trying his hand at milking a cow!


October2011 089

He had to have his picture on this ‘horse’


October2011 091

Feeding the llama that he repeatedly asked “Is it mad at mama?(from the Llama Llama book series for those of you that aren’t familiar)”


October2011 092

Brushing the animals


October2011 093

After about 5 attempts, he finally sat still long enough for a  photo with the pumpkins.  He is FULL of energy these days:)


October2011 094

Picture with mama on top of the stacked tires


October2011 095

Testing out the swings


October2011 097

Driving a tractor with daddy


October2011 099

Riding the ‘train’


October2011 101

Playing in the corn box and he eventually decided to lay down in it.  He always picks fun things for me to wash out of his hair:)


October2011 102

Braving the slide by himself.  He did this many, many times!

October2011 103

He had to get in a few quick bounces on the ball


October2011 105 

Juice time! He liked the pumpkin more than what was actually in it.


October2011 106

One final snapshot to wrap up a fun day.  This picture cracks me up because he insisted on posing with the gourd in his hand.(yes, that would be our strong willed son!)

THEN…on Sunday we had our LifeGroup over from church for hot dogs, s’mores, and a mini-hayride Troy rigged up for the kids.  We had a great time, and it is always a blessing to hang out with these beautiful people.

October2011 107

Here are some of the kids on the ‘hayride’.

October2011 109

Molly and Cristina

October2011 111

Fellowship time around the fire

October2011 110

Sweet E.

October2011 112

How about this marshmallow stuffed face! I love social gatherings, but it is a challenge to keep this little guy away from the food table.  Needless to say he was on a bit of a sugar high that night! 

So, that sums up our weekend!  It went by entirely too fast, but it was filled with lots of great memories.  On the adoption front, we still haven’t received our official number for October.  Hopefully, we’ll have it by the end of this week! We’ll keep you posted:)

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"Indescribable" said...

I'm thinking that next year Silas will have to show his little sister how it's all done... (including getting to the food table for that sugar rush!!!)

Praying for a small number in Oct so that you travel early in 2012!