Saturday, September 5, 2009

A fun day with fellow AGCI families

We drove up to Indiana last night to visit Amber's family. Well, we had the honor and priveledge of meeting up with 3 AGCI families today at a park. We got to meet this family and this family and this family. The Bogards traveled before us and got to meet Silas and give us back a report on him. The Ausbrooks also traveled before us (they've been home almost 6 months) and Tisha and crew traveled after us and have been home about 7 weeks with their girls. It was an amazing day. Thank you guys so much for driving and meeting us ... Tisha and fam drove 3 hours and the Bogards traveled 2 while the Ausbrooks were "local" or at least within 30 minutes or so. It still blows me away to see how God is using the spirit of adoption to bring amazing families together in ways we never would have known. OK, enough talk, I know ... here's what you want :)

Ausbrooks boy getting his fiber from nature :)

The boys loved the climbing wall

Tisha's girl going down the slide.

Love this picture of Tisha's girls climbing up the slide

Our niece/Silas' cousin holding him

Ausbrooks daughter up on the slide

Girls having fun

Silas checking out all the action ...

The girls LOVED the slide

As someone said on facebook, can you tell who's cautions and who is carefree?

Down we go!


Eli's wanting in on the action

Tisha's crew eating lunch

Cracks me up watching her sister try to figure out how's she's eating that

Silas Bogard came onto the seen right after lunch

Someone wanted her daddy

I love this picture

Almost as much as this one

Silas B is one happy baby!

Daddy and daughter doing for a walk

Eli trying to figure out what he can get into

Monte pulling double duty

Cute picture

And her sister can't be outdone

The boys together ... it's looks like Eli and Silas L are wanting the little play phone Silas B has.

Ball time

All the Ethiopian kiddos together ... I won't mention the "agreement" Tisha had with her girls to have them sit up there ... don't notice a cookie or anything :)

Silas B felt the need to try to put a block on Eli's head

Enjoying her cookie

Love the profile picture

Hey Silas ... great name! :)

Mrs. B made Africa sugar cookies ... yum!

The girls LOVED riding in the wagon ... Amber's sister was pulling them and the faster she went, the more they loved it.

Me and my boy

Family picture time

A Bogard girl loving on another Silas

Her sister needed in on the action as well :)
Thanks again guys for meeting up with us ... it was a perfect day :) Rumor has it we may try to do a large AGCI Midwest/Bible Belt picnic in Nashville next summer if there's interest ... so, any interest?


Kerrie (Kendal's Mommy) said...

The pictures are so precious. Thank you for all the updates.

Tisha said...

Those pictures are wonderful! It was so fun getting together. I can't wait to do it again...

We would LOVE to come to the AGCI reunion in Nashville!!

The Hull's at #4 said...

These pictures were WONDERFUL!!! We would come to an AGCI picnic in Nashville!!!

Matt said...

Great pics! If the Hulls are going to Nashville, we have to be there. The best thing about next summer is that we won't have two kids under the age of two anymore.

Dawn said...

I LOVE all the pics! I think a trip to Nashville would be FUN! Count us in!

Kristi J said...

yes...yall better include us next time and I'm hoping it is in nashville...too fun...all the kids are soooo cute...what a fun day!! kj

3 Blessings said...

So cute! It looks like you guys had a great time.

We would love to get together soon. Would Sat. the 26th work for you guys? Email: