Thursday, September 17, 2009

11 months!! ... and counting ribs....

I can't believe our boy is 11 months ... I've been thinking recently about all the "I can't believe..." thoughts I have ... there's a post in that somewhere ... I still gotta get pics up from Silas visiting his Uncle Paul & Aunt Amy's farm ... hopefully this weekend...

ok, 11 things we love about my boy...

1) Your infectious smile. Strangers will tell us that your face just lights up when you smiles.
2) How you go down in his crib for nap/bedtime with no crying/etc. And when you wake up, you'll just play/hang out in your crib for a while. When you start jabbering, we know it's time to go get you.
3) How well you're doing at the babysitter. Mommy started back to work last week (2 days/week) and a friend from church is watching you and you're doing real good there.
4) When I walk through the door, you smile real big and crawl up to me. There is NOTHING better.
5) Your 4 front teeth. It's fun to watch you learn that you can use them to break up your food.
6) How much you're bonded to us. If one of our friends/stranger-to-you holds you, you'll reach for us or make sure we're always in your view.
7) Your all-boy nature. You have no fear; you would rather climb over rather than around anything. You will push boxes up to our ottoman coffee table so that you can climb on the box to climb on top of the ottoman.
8) Food ... you're not a fan of baby food anymore ... you want the REAL stuff. You especially love black beans and chicken.
9) You love your sleep ... you sleep ~2 hours in the morning and afternoon and then sleep 11-12 hours straight overnight. However, you put yourself in some weird positions and will cry in your sleep because you get 'stuck' and can't move where you want.
10) You are such a trooper getting your vaccinations and taking your TB medicine
11) Your love for all types of vehicles. This includes trains. I could see a train-themed room in your future ... with a train going around your celiing. OK, that may be more for daddy :)

Silas, we love you. I can't believe we saw your picture the first time over 7 months ago and that you've been home 3 months. We can't imagine our lives without you.

Here is Mommy counting your ribs tonight ... I think you enjoyed it!


Kristi J said... are our kids getting so big ??? too sweet and HOW did you get that boy sleeping through the night?? spill the beans :) kj

The Hull's at #4 said...

Yeah, how did you get him to sleep all night??? Love that no fear thing!! Precious Silas!

Tisha said...

So sweet... I love hearing babies laugh!!!

"Indescribable" said...

Selam was watching your video and said, "I love that baby mom, he is so cute, I remember him, what is his name." ..... she loves the babies at HH! I love your #4 comment.

Enjoy your boy!

Sunday said...

I didn't know that Silas was taking meds too...we only have 3 months exciting!