Sunday, September 20, 2009

Walking Tall

I was all ready to do the post about Silas hanging out at his aunt/uncle's farm but I shot some video today and figured I'd share that. Video is much better than still pictures, right?

OK, this first one is our big boy walking with his push toy that Grandma and Grandpa gave him when they came down to visit a couple months ago. I honestly didn't think he'd be using it by this time. When Silas came home 3 months ago, he could sit independently but that was it ... he couldn't transition down to the floor yet. Then mama started working with him. Everyday :) He then was able to transition to the floor. Then to scooting on his back. Then to army crawling. Then to get-on-it crawling. Now to walking with a little help. Amazing in 3 months. It's still surreal to me that we've been home that long. How much I could love someone and he love us. I personally don't have any comparison, but I don't see how we would love a child with our DNA any differently. I know some people are worried about that when thinking about adopting ... but, wow, there is nothing I wouldn't do for the guy (includes arguing with his mommy about the best things for him :)

ok, sorry for the tangent ... here's the video (don't mind the tools in the background ... was installing the gate at the bottom of the stairs ... had to MacGyver it ... since it's railings on both sides, I didn't want to drill holes so I cut down some 2x4's, stained them, and zip-tied them to the posts and then screwed the gate into those).

OK, the next video is from dinner tonight ... the boy was in rare form tonight. Amber got up to take her dishes to the sink. She started dancing and Silas thought it was SO funny! Amber would have killed me if I video her so I just kept it on Silas. Try to not smile while watching this one...

Amber then got us some chocolate ice cream for dessert. I think you can tell our boy LOVES it.

Finally, he's so happy to get out of his seat after eating ... can you tell?

OK, will try to get the other pictures up soon. I also have to get the rest of our trip to Ethiopia documented ... sad it's been 3 months and still don't have that done :(.


Dawn said...

LOVE the videos Troy & Amber!! I think Jaxson and Silas would be great friends!!

Tisha said...

Such a cutie!!! So funny... I do the same thing when I eat ice cream! ;)

Mandy said...

You're family is SO cute!

Kristi J said...

love the videos..I so need to learn how to do that...WE had fun today..thanks for coming, kj

Kerrie (Kendal's Mommy) said...

What awesome videos! I love his reaction to Amber dancing and especially the ice cream. I react the same way when eating it!

Sunday said...

Someone is going to celebrating their 1st birthday soon...what a special day that will be! Fun to catch up on your blog. Looks like Silas is loving life. Just visited Lucy Lane's website and saw him standing on the chair...reminds me of someone else I know. ha ha :) I agree about loving these babies more than you can possibly imagine. I would never have imagined loving Elyse this much... it is an amazing experience! Enjoying your blog!


3 Blessings said...

Those are ADORABLE! I love the one of him laughing. I was cracking up. His laugh is so contagious :)