Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Recap

We live exciting lives, let me tell you.

Friday night, we went to Party City to look for things for his birthday party in October ... crazy that will be here before you know it. Speaking of which, where in the world did the summer go? It will be September on Tuesday and it's been in the 70's here in Tennessee. Crazy! Anyways, we then stopped by Toys R Us to see what Little Tyke playground stuff they have. Man, that stuff is expensive ... apparently plastic is woth its weight in gold. I think we'll be hitting some yard sales this fall for people getting rid of their things before winter. Then onto the dreaded bimonthly trip to Walmart for groceries, etc. I gotta admit, that trip is more fun now with Silas (if he's in a good mood).

Amber thought it'd be a good idea to try to take pictures in the parking lot outside Party City. Not like our boy loves cars or anything and wouldn't focus ... we did get a good one ... but, you'll see why I am usually the one behind the camera ... I don't cut people's heads off :)

Saturday we hung out at the house in the morning and then went to friends house for their daughter's first birthday party ... Silas' first party. The boy had a good time and was a really good boy despite having his nap cut in half. He enjoyed playing in the water and watching all the other kids run and play as well. The cool thing is that birthday girl's mommy is the person who will be watching Silas 2 days a week when Amber goes back to work a week from Tuesday. We go to church with them and know their parental thoughts, etc so it was a win-win situation.



Silas and birthday girl talking about what they'll be doing when they start hanging out on Tuesday and Thursdays

I love the excitement in birthday girl's 3 year old sister with punching the balloon

Kids having fun with the water

Glad I wasn't the target of that water balloon

Running through the sprinkler

That, my friends, is pure happiness and joy ... nothing is better than that!

Silas sitting poolside waiting on the ladies

Testing the water before getting in

Silas loves puppy dogs ... he was petting this one right on the nose

the stare

birthday girl shows up but, um, not sure what birthday girl is doing here ... funny picture though

TAG ... you're it!

duck, duck, GOOSE!

Birthday girl's daddy got in on the fun too ... he made a makeshift slip n slide because the real one ripped ... this one was better than the real one. Soap was the key :)

I was waiting for something to break ... thank GOD all were safe by the end of the day. Look at the girl bailing out of the way :)

Today, we again hung out at the house, went for a walk in the park and dropped off flyers to a ice cream social we host for our road. Our road is a unique road ... we have 17 houses on it, we're in the county but the road dead-ends into a city park. So, it's like the best of both worlds ... close to the convenience of everything but have the country 'feeling'.

"It wasn't me!"

Gettin' mommy on the head ... good boy :)

So, the latest on Silas ... he's doing great. He is into everything, pulling up on everything, crawling anywhere. Any time he hears the fridge door open or the pantry door open, he sprints to the kitchen no matter what he's into. He loves to crawl over anything he can. I see some knots on the head in the future ... the boy has no fear. He is cutting his top 2 teeth in now so he's congested and coughing from the drainage.

I don't think I've mentioned this but we ended up putting Silas on TB medicine for 9 months. His TB skin test came back positive but his chest xray was clean. We were told the skin test may come back positive due to his vaccination in Ethiopia. However, both the international pediatrician and our pediatrician recommended the medicine. We decided to do it ... we thought if God calls him back to Ethiopia, it's one thing he won't have to hopefully worry about. That medicine has been hard on him ... he's been on it a couple weeks ... it's definitely messed with his system ... the diapers can attest to that. We also think that it's causing some issues on the top end as well. He's thrown up over the past few days, usually when we give him his medicine in his food. It just sucks to watch him throw up, coming out his nose, and the scared look on his face. And then you know he's hungry and you try to figure out whether to give him any more food ... usually we'll try some cheerios or puffs and he'll do alright with those, but we know that isn't enough. We're hoping this will pass soon and he'll get back to eating normally.

A few other pics that I just haven't posted...

How can you not love that boy?

His GREAT smile

He loves crawling on/over things on our bed

Swinging with mommy ... love how he sucks his bottom lip in under his top one.

Big boy in the swing

Lovin' it

No words needed

He really enjoyed sitting on on the tire ... boy always his trying to touch/smack the tires on our cars.

Have a great week!


Aubrey said...

All your pictures are fantastic! So sorry to hear about the medicine woes though!

Tisha said...

Poor Silas. Throwing up is no fun. I hope he gets used to the medicine soon.

I like the picture Amber took. She was just trying to get most of Silas in it. :)

The Hull's at #4 said...

Stinky meds, but so thankful to have them. I loved the picture of Silas and the dog, too cute!

Mandy said...

Those are great pictures. We can see who Amber was focusing on when she took hers. ;)
Sorry about the yucky medicine!

Kristi J said...

great pics...kj

Dawn said...

yes a reunion next summer would be GREAT! but, i still think you guys should surprise us and come to the picnic! :)

Christi said...

Love the 2 little teeth! How CUTE!

3 Blessings said...

Great pictures! I love all of his adorable expressions.

Thank you for the prayers and offers last week. It was such a blessing to know so many were lifting Cade in prayer.

One of our friends from WOC forwarded us an adoption support meeting at WOC on the 8th. Are you guys involved in that group as well? We still want to get together in September, just name the date. Ryann is trying to crawl so maybe she will be able to keep up with Silas :)

emilyspeech said...

Hmmm...Now, I know that Amber has said time and again that she is not a 'pet person', but I definitely see a dog in Silas' future based on his interaction with that doggie in the pics:) Sweet sweet boy! Amber, see you tomorrow!!!

Becky said...

Thanks for checking in on us. Only 4 days now 'til I get to hug my boy :)

You've got some great pics on here. I like them all, but especially the one where Silas is showing his bottom front teeth.