Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Catching up...

That seems like all I am doing ... trying to catch up. I really haven't found the 'new normal' yet ... well, it's probably found me but I just haven't caught up to it yet.

I don't have a ton of time tonight as I gotta pack for our trip to Illinois tomorrow. Well, to Indiana as a pit stop overnight tomorrow night and then onto my parents in Illinois on Thurs. morning. My grandfather passed away last October and his estate sale is on Saturday. It will be a bittersweet time seeing family. I can't imagine being my dad or aunts and watching my parents stuff be auctioned off for pennies of what it should be...but I know this will be a big hurdle for moving on as well. On the trip back home, we're hoping to swing around to see/meet Tisha, Monte & her family ... and see her sweet girls again. We had the opportunity to hang out with her girls in Ethiopia and they are just adorable!

So, I couldn't leave with no pictures or video for 2 whole weeks so here's a quick capture over the past few days...oh, guess who's crawling now?! He still prefers to commando crawl as it's quicker for him but he'll take 3-4 crawl steps and then hop down on his belly and commando crawl.

We threw Silas in our flower bed before going for a walk in the park

At said park ... the boy is pulling up on anything he can. He gets mad when he can't get up on something. He's starting to get more daring as he's trying to transition between objects ... example ... coffee table and couch. Speaking of, we ordered a new coffee table (the storage ottoman kind) ... the glass table is just an accident waiting to happen with him.

Found another slide to pull up on.

Mommy stealing a kiss on the bench

Silas returning the favor :)

Silas trying to get into our duffle bag of Ethiopian coffee

Smiling boy

Look at those teefers!
He LOVES to suck his lips and smack them together

Having fun crawling on things
This past weekend we went to this little festival at a park. Silas got his first tire-swing ride.

They had this monkey walking around ... felt bad for the guy/girl ... they had to have been dying in that thing ... it was hot. Wasn't sure how Silas would react ... he loves monkeys ... loves them ... but wasn't sure what he'd think about a 6 foot tall one ... he did alright.

Here is his commando crawl and his pull-up action. He wanted to help mommy cook. Man, we got alot of babyproofing to do! :)

Tonight Silas was 'flying' with Mommy and we got the giggle going on again :) I then got it even more during our bedtime bottle/rocking time ... he thought me pretending to brush my teeth with his toothbrush was the funniest thing. Love those moments.


The Hull's at #4 said...

NO WAY YOU GET TO GO TO TISHA AND MONTE'S!! LUCKY DUCKS! Silas is doing GREAT!! Have a fun trip, I'll be praying for fun rest and safety!

Kristi J said...

I can't believe he can crawl and pull up like that...LL is still falling over while sitting...Your boy is super strong...way to go...I wanted to chear him on in the video of him pulling up ..i love it :) I didn't know yall were headed to Tishas...wow...how did that come about?? give the twins a hug for me, kj

Lisa said...

You guys became parents right before the age where they start getting into EVERYTHING. Good luck with the babyproofing. He'll teach you quickly what you need to remove.

Tisha said...

Love the pictures and videos. He'll be walking before you know it. Then the fun really starts!:)

"Indescribable" said...


I kept wondering when I was going to experience this 'new normal' thing people talk about, then one day it seemed as though everyone was relaxed, smiled, knew what was going on... we had a smooth day filled with communication and then it was a few days, week, and I think we're there... our new normal.

Enjoy all these stages! They're fun!

Dawn said...

LOVE the pics & videos! wow - he's doing great!! i just love his eyes - they get me everytime. jealous that you get to see Tisha! i get to see her next month at the agci picnic though. you and amber should come!

Mandy said...

1) Silas so sooo cute!
2) I'm jealous - I want to go visit Tisha and Monte!
3) We haven't had a coffee table in 11 years. I was just thinking about buying one recently and remembered we are bringing home a baby. I might have to try the ottoman kind.

Matt said...

I hope all your traveling is going well. I agree, lets get something on the calendar.

3 Blessings said...

Troy & Amber,
It was SO great to meet you all last night. Silas is beautiful and we cannot wait to get together again with you all. Thanks for answering our one million questions. It helps us so much to know that this is such a supportive community. God's blessings to you and sweet little Silas.

Tara said...

thanks!!!!!!!!!! i was starting to wonder if you guys were doing okay and then i saw Silas on kristi's blog at her house i think last night, looks like fun, wish we could have been there with mahlet and met all you guys, hope all is well

GinSpaghetti said...

Troy -- thanks! I have looked *forever* and couldn't find a thing. Thank you so much! I remember reading your blog once before, I recognized Silas on Kristi's blog :) He is so cute! Thanks again!!

(David and I plan to adopt so I read a few adoption blogs :))

Katie said...

He is adorable and looks like you have bonded in a big way. Awesome.