Sunday, May 24, 2009

Updates and a Fun Present

We're continuing to plug away here at the house ... I'm hoping today that I can finish most things that I want to have done prior to bringing Silas home ... at least INSIDE the house. I want to organize the garage and storage area before going as well ... but at least most of the inside of the house will be complete.

We went Friday night and last night to a few stores to make some purchases for our trip. We got snacks for us (granola bars, beef jerky, etc) along with snacks for kiddos we see while we're out and about (peanut butter crackers, etc). You try to figure out what will be the best thing to do for kids you see while on your shopping trip, etc ... I think trying to hand money out would turn into a chaotic situation ... if anyone has any other suggestions, let me know.

We also bought some things for the older kiddos at Hannah's Hope (our agency's transition home "orphanage"). Charisa told me that the boys like the pull-back cars (pull them back and they take off) so we picked up some of those along with spiderman nerf football (they love anything spiderman), sidewalk chalk, bubbles, soccer ball, bowling set, lipgloss for the girlies ... oh, and some trailmix ... a family that brought their 5 year old boy home a couple months ago said he liked handing out trailmix to his buddies. Maria said they all know how to share which is a great thing to hear. I had a blast getting stuff for them ... I wish we had more room to take "everything" to them ... they deserve it. If anyone has any other suggestions for what we can take, let me know!

We are still awaiting our travel dates ... we can't get those until we get a US Embassy appointment. There are alot of families waiting to travel but we're hoping/praying that we get a June 15th appointment which would have us flying out on Saturday, June 13th ... less than 3 weeks away ... wow. We should find out this coming week when our appointment is.

We got a couple small updates from families that have just returned ... they said they'd let us know more but gave us 'sneak peeks' for now. Matt told me that he saw Silas almost as soon as he walked into Hannah's Hope. He had on a bib that said "I love my sister" ... he told me thought it was a sign ... well, it very well could be :) God's opened up our heart to Ethiopia and I believe we will be going back ... as I told Matt, that's a big trust-God thing for me ... but I know He will not lead us down a path that He hasn't already cleared for us.

Another family wrote...

I just wanted to let you know that I spent extensive time with Mr. 'A' at HH and you guys hit the JACKPOT! I got to feed him a couple of bottles and of course I kissed every spot I could reach and told him you were on the way REALLY soon!! He and 'H' are best buddies, they were holding hands at one point when they were in the bouncy seat nest to each other! He is sooo cute and smart as a tack!! I'll send more later...


I've already told Amber he takes after his daddy :) What great updates! Thanks guys! We can't wait to hear and see more of their trips...

We also got a special present in the mail yesterday. Amber went to Indiana University (and I grew up an IU fan) and has a great friend that she met there. Her friend and her husband are on staff at Campus Crusade for Christ ... a GREAT organization spreading the Gospel around the world. They sent us a perfect gift for Silas.

Even with little booties for his feet!

...and on his booty...

How great is that! Thanks Luke and Erin! It's PERFECT. Now I just have to get him a few Chicago Cub outfits and he'll be set! :)

The local family we had dinner with recently, Kristi and Will, have court tonight for their little daughter ... please pray that they pass court and can bring their daughter home soon!


Josh and Kristi said...

I'm so sorry! I didn't know you were IU fans...I'm sure Silas will overcome that small flaw in his parents.
Kristi A
Go Boilers!

Amber said...

So exciting. We hope we get to travel with the 14-18th group if the girls pass the tb test.

So exciting..

Kristi J said...

thanks for the prayers....I can't wait to hear the good news :) still up praying here, kj

Matt said...

I love the IU outfit! Kristi and the Boiler fans better watch out because in a few years Coach Crean will have the Hoosiers making easy work of the Boilers.