Thursday, May 14, 2009

Asking for help...

Amber and I are blessed to know a certain family in our hometown ... Sherry & Caleb ... they are incredible. Caleb is a special needs boy that also has terminal cancer ... it has returned in the worst way. The hospital pretty much sent him home to die at the end of last year ... saying he had a few weeks. Well, almost 5 months later, GOD still has him on this Earth for a reason.

Please read and watch the story on the news last night...

I'm not going to go political but just for a minute ... our government doesn't care. They would rather go spend $2.6 million dollars researching ways to lower the HIV infections in Chinese prostitutes. I'm not lying ... here's the story. Or $400,000 to cruise six bars in Buenos Aires to find out why gay men engage in risky sexual behavior while drunk -- and just what can be done about it. Here's that story. I got a quick answer for that ... QUIT LIVING IN SIN! That is just 2 of hundreds of "grants" out there ... and you're going to tell me that the government cares about our kids. Cmon. I don't believe in social medicine but I do believe in helping those that can't help themselves ... and if the government is going to take OUR money and say it's going to be used to help the children and elderly, then USE IT for that. Unbelievable. Quit stealing from it for your pet projects ... Democrat and Republican alike.

I have toned it down severly since being irate this morning about all this. God has taught me a lesson in all this ... to not forget to put my trust in HIM and not in man ... as I was this morning.

I emailed Sherry to tell her we were praying for her and we were here to fight for her and to let us know how we can help. Here's the email I got from her...

This is a nice surprise, thank you for emailing me and caring for Caleb. The Lord has had Angels calling me this morning. Reeves Sain got a hold of me and the owners are going to donate the low pressure bed this afternoon. I know that we are blessed to have so many love us. If you are still wanting to help or know of anyone who would like to still help, we are barely making it financially. I can't work which leaves me depending on gifts of love for my bills. I am always and forever grateful and blessed that so many have helped us in these trying times. You and Amber gave the gift of the ramp that has been such a needed blessing for this period in Caleb's life, without that ramp I would not be able to get him in and out of the house. Tell Mrs. Amber we say hello and we love ya'll.

So GOD provided the bed through Reeves Sain! PRAISE GOD ... that is amazing news!

So, to my supportive family and friends, I'm asking for a love gift on behalf of this amazing family. This mom cares so much for her son that before she had the wheelchair ramp, she would CARRY him in and out of her house to get him to therapy, etc. I'm not sure if you've lifted anyone with minimal muscle tone, but it is like carrying a hundred pound sack of potatos. The least we can do to show her we care is to donate a few dollars to help her with her bills.

So, email me at if you'd like to help. You can also send a Paypal payment to that same email address. If we can get hundreds of people to donate, what an impact and statement for the Kingdom it will be. I will report back how the fundraising goes.

May GOD BLESS YOU for the compassion in your hearts. THANK YOU!


Amber said...

God do something miraculous. We have been reading and studying the book of James in my family and it says don't see someone naked and hungry and say to them out of faith go and be full and warm and then walk off.

This post has affected me.

Kristi J said...

We definitely want to help...We'll give you all something for this family tomorrow night...Can't wait for our get together, kristi