Sunday, May 10, 2009

Single Digits

Nine nights from tonight will be our court case that will determine if we will be traveling soon thereafter to bring our boy home forever. I remember when we went into single digits on the waiting list ... it feels like so long ago. It's amazing to be at this point.

There are currently some delays with Ethiopian adoptions for abandonment cases. We need to be praying for the families caught up in this delay. We are fortunate that Silas is not an abandonment case so his court date is still May 20th in Ethiopia. We do not have to be there for that as we signed a power of attorney form so our director can sign all documentation needed for the Ethiopian courts. So, overnight/early morning of the 19th/20th, it will be decided if we are legal parents of Silas A. Lucht. The anticipation and excitement is growing every minute. Of course, our daily prayer is that we pass this first time and not have to reschedule another court appointment. We would appreciate any prayers for our boy and his court date.

We spent this weekend working on the house and doing some major shopping for our boy. I was able to get the baseboards done in the living room. Last night, we made trips to Babies R Us, Super Target, and Walmart .... that will cause the strongest man to fall. We did get his mattress so we were able to put his bed put together. I think we're just waiting a couple more items from here and here and his room should be complete and we will be able to do the reveal.

Amber had her final shower on Saturday ... thank you Betsey and Beth for throwing it for her ... we are forever grateful!

It was fun to celebrate Mother's Day "unofficially" today ... Silas got Mommy a iTunes giftcard so she can have music to listen to when we travel to go get him.

We are still working on trying to get the house put together from the carpet getting installed last week. My office is in shambles ... I have so much paperwork to organize, put away or throw away. I think that will be my task this week.

We will also be taking 100+ pounds of donations to our orphanage when we travel. One item they are asking for is rechargeable lanterns. Power goes out in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia quite often and it is hard to care for the 60-70 kiddos in the dark. So, one of their humble requests are these lanterns. We are tight on space but would like to take 2 of these with us if possible. If you would like to help donate to purchase 2 of these, let me know! If the items are still on backorder, we will be taking diapers or formula instead ... huge continuous needs. THANK YOU!


jody said...

oh man, that scripture sticker website is AWESOME-i have been wanting to put a verse on our bedroom wall for years, but kept putting it off b/c I was DREADING the stencil making and painting-now I may be able to get out of that and just order and stick-woohoo!! i am so excited for you to get your boy-i watched the video where i was holding him and playing with him and it made me SUPER excited for y'all-i will try to get it to you SOON! things have been nuttier than we were expecting here ;) so we are behind on getting videos to a few folks-sorry :(

Kristi J said...

Happy Mother's Day!! Can't wait until Friday night...We'll help the time fly by until court by entertaining you guys at our house...Our craziness with 4 kids will make you forget all about the wait..:) kj

Kerrie (Kendal's Mommy) said...

I'm so excited to hear that the court date is rapidily approaching. Silas will continue to be in my prayers as he waits for his mommy and daddy to bring him home.

Tisha said...

So happy for you guys!!! I will also be praying that you guys pass the first time! Good luck with the office this week. :)

Dawn said...

9 days?!? WOW!! SO SOON!! Please know that we're praying that all goes well. And I can't wait to see the nursery too! Oh and the video thing - yeah we are having issues with converting files.

Amber said...

Right along with ya!!

I need to load up my ipod!!

Carla said...

As the keeper of the list I just wanted you to know that we got a court date today. June 4th!!! After our dossier being lost redone and waiting some more it looks like we are on the right track again. We will pray that you and Amber pass court on the 20th and are traveling soon to pick up Silas.

Brad and Fran Hoagland said...

Wow! Your court date is so close! I am very excited for you, and relieved that the abandonement situation doesnt effect your son. Will definitely keep you all in our prayers, and extra prayers when we go to bed on May 19. Cannot wait to check back here on May 20 to see his picture! Our court date is June 5. So, we will be asking for prayers as well.