Saturday, May 16, 2009

3 Nights From Tonight ... and NEW friends!

It's crazy to think that 3 nights from tonight is our court date for Silas. A judge thousands of miles away will (prayfully) approve that we are Silas' legal parents. Sometimes, you never think you'll get to this point. You see other families get here and ... not that you think of them as a "celebrity" but you want to be them. Pass court and travel to get your child. Well, we could be that family very soon. Crazy. Surreal. There are families traveling to Ethiopia to get their kiddos as I type this that will be praying for our court date and trying to find Silas and love on him. We are so grateful to these families!

If (when) we pass court, we have to get a US Embassy appointment to get his VISA before we can get travel plans. Our agency gets 2 Monday appointments a month and it seems they are the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. We know June 1st is one of the dates and we imagine the 15th is the other. We'd LOVE to pass and get the June 1st date but not sure if they can get the appointment scheduled that quick.

Last night we had the honor of meeting Kristi and Will (and their kiddos). They are a local family that is adopting with AGCI as well. We have been in contact by email and blogs for a few months but have not met in person until last night. Their daughter is one month younger than Silas and their court date is 5 days after ours.. It's crazy to think they are there hanging out and playing and they'll be doing that same thing here so very soon. Amazing to see how God works. We're hoping that we'll be able to travel together ... we'd have a family with us missing the same Tennessean food with us :) Speaking of food, they fixed an AMAZING meal and it was great to hang out, get to know them, share stories, watch their kids in action and see how dedicated they are to their kids. Without a doubt, Kristi and Will have hospitable and servant hearts and it was very evident the minute we walked in the door.

Being that I can't find my camera cable at this moment, I'm going to steal a pic from Kristi's blog :) She's a much better blogger than I am ... we didn't leave their house until 11:30 and she went and blogged last night. Amazing woman.

Kristi and Will ... THANK YOU for last night ... it was great meeting you and can't wait for the future play dates! We are praying for your court date overnight on the 24th/25th!


"Indescribable" said...

I WISH I LIVED IN NASHVILLE! I want to be a part of this community!
Praying for your sweet swift successful court passing for Silas!

Tisha said...

AWESOME!!! So glad you all had fun. :) THREE NIGHTS!!! I can't wait and pray you guys hear that you pasted SOON after court.

Kristi J said...

yes, we'll definitely have to get the babes together when we get back...Thanks for the sweet post and we're praying for your court date...yeah...almost here, kristi

Amber said...

I want to meet ALL of you!! Can we haVe an agci blog picnic this summer! Jenny Rush and myself were talkn via email about this and are so jealous!
Our court date is the 21st!