Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shots and Advice

Amber and I had the joy of going to Reeves Sain Drug Store yesterday to do shots ... we still weren't 100% sure walking in what we were going to get.

I ended up starting the Hep A/B series and Amber started the Hep A as she's already had Hep B from working in the hospital. I gotta get another shot in a month and then in 6 months. Amber just has to get one more at 6 months. We both got the typhoid pills but that's it...oh, and $300 later...

So, if you've traveled or planning to travel, what have you done? I'm thinking I need a tetanus booster but should be good with my MMR. I don't think we're going to do Yellow Fever or Rabies. Polio and menangitis are still up in the air...



Kristi J said...

ok, we've done nothing...guess we need to get on this :) yuck and ouch :) kristi

Paul and DeeDee said...

I have also been wondering about this..... I don't think I have had any shots since I was like 12. Maybe I should start now and space them out a little....

$300? oh my, I wasn't thinking it was going to be that much!

I have no idea which ones to get and which ones to skip!

Tisha said...

Here is an email from Leeann from the listserve:

My husband is a pediatric infectious diseases doc and this is what we got:
Polio, meningitis, yellow fever, and typhoid. You should also be up to date
on tetanus and pertussis. We already had Hep A and B. The only reason
we got typhoid is because we are going to offer to help Almaz with any
medical stuff that might need to be done, so, unless you're a doctor you
probably don't need that. Also, we are planning to go to Kenya before we
get our son, which is why we got Yellow fever.

So I would get polio, meningitis, tetanus/pertussis (TDaP) and the hep

Hope that helps


I will look to see if I find any other info!

Maria and Family said...

All we did was Hep A. I dont plan to make silly/risky choices with food and water so I think that will be good. We traveled to Guatemala 2 times with no shots and were completely fine. Congratulations on your referral!!