Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Google "fun?"

OK, I should be doing so many other things .... like telling you how AGCI told me that everything in the Ziploc may not make it over due to weight ... so AGCI may have a new monkey mascot in their office. Or that I've been working on the nursery almost every night ... been building a built-in window seat/toy box ... primed it tonight and hopefully will get the doors ordered soon ... need to get pictures up sometime. Or that Amber has like 3 baby showers planned with one being a co-ed one with our Bible Study. Or that Amber's sister sent us both Ethiopian adoption shirts after we got our referral ... thanks Amy! More pics that should be posted

...anyways, enough of that ... Deedee did this and I laughed and figured I should return the here we go...

Go to Google an put in your name needs...for example I put in Troy needs and these are the top 10 things that came up...

Troy needs...

...a job (hope google isn't prophetic ... no way it is ... this link was from ... who comes up with this stuff???? (ummm, I'm "rehabbing" the nursery ... does that count?) theater (apparently Troy, Michigan doesn't have the fine arts)

...needs $11.7 million (SWEET! Who knows how many little Ethiopian kiddos would be running around our house then :) aide in the classroom with him (well, I'd LOVE to have a aide at work...)

..Dog Runs (no thanks ... sounds like something you get from eating bad Chinese) curses (AMEN!) clean up my clogged algorithms (???? ... I do have a math major and I've very logical but ...)

...needs some bling (Seriously. So I could go to Kristi's Gold party and sell it all for plane tickets to Ethiopia!)

...a fire truck (what guy doesn't?)

I'll try to get all that other stuff detailed out sometime off to Bible Study!


Benton Family said...

I have not laughed as hard as I did on the "dog runs"....thank you for the much needed chuckle!


Kristi J said...

You are so funny..and you can come to the gold party anyways EVEN if you don't have any bling :) too funny and I want to see the Ethiopian shirts you talked!! kristi