Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Kristi and Will got their referral today! That's so very cool ... she's waited so long for Lucy and it's a blessing to see her get to enjoy her daughter! GOD IS FAITHFUL! They are the local family that we believe our little one is playing with right now at Hannah's Hope! :)

On a personal note, that puts us at #10 on the girls list and still #1 or #2 on the boy's ... we'd love to see the referrals keep coming this week! :)


Dawn said...

Ahhh!!! You are SO close!!! :)

Kristi J said...

Thanks guys!!! And, just when I'd given up hope on Tuesday being "our day" it came!! She called at 6:01 our time!! I was shocked...I know you guys are next...This is probably the start to lots of referrals coming :) I posted about our baby...she's 9 months old....so precious...I sent you a pic right?? kj