Sunday, February 15, 2009

Presents & Purchases

Amber's coworkers and patients' parents were sweet to give her some congratulations gifts...

"baby" Picture frame

"Guess How Much I Love You" and a book of Nursery Rhymes

<Our little boy's first outfit :)

We spent yesterday shopping and registering ... it brought back memories of registering for our wedding ... both Amber and I agreed this go around was much better than for our wedding. The stress that registering created was just crazy ... not that this time was any less stressful. Statements like "think we need this?" ... "I don't know" happened quite often. I think we got a few looks from the pregnant women in Babies 'R Us ... they prolly had some questions themselves ... "Man, they must be registering early ... she's not even showing yet."

In any event, we found some bedding at USA Baby ... the plan was for Amber's mom to make our bedding ... she can sew like there's no tomorrow ... however, once Amber saw this, it was all over. The were having a good President's Day sale ... 25% off bedding and then another $20, we figured what we got and we wouldn't have saved much by having her sew it so we got, the following pics are for Amber's mom so she can see what we got :)

The quilt from the set

The monkey on the quilt :)

A little decorative pillow ... we've decided to go with the Elephant blue for the walls of the nursery

The complete set ... bumper, quilt, "softy" blanket, valences, pillow, diaper holder, skirt, fitted sheets.

We also got the items to send to our little guy ... that'll be another post as we gotta wrap up all our paperwork to send back tomorrow but let me tell you, the ziploc freezer bags that shrink are GREAT! Heh, can't tell what is inside the bag but it all fits :)


Kerrie (Kendal's Mommy) said...

How Cute!!

A Team said...

I know it probably doesn't seem like it's gone super fast to you but I can't believe you guys HAVE A REFFERAL!
I can't wait until you guys travel to get him.
WE HAVE TO GET THEM ALL TOGETHER when you guys get back and settled!

Tracie in TN
PS - love the bedding

Dawn said...

Oh I LOVE shopping for our little one too! And registering was tons of fun! Very cute stuff you have there.

Christi said...

LOVE the bedding!! ADORABLE!!

Kristi J said...

soooo cute...Now, question...what are the rules with the ziplock bag thing?? where do i send it, etc...and what can i put in it?? I'm lost on that one, kj

Adam and Nicole said...

The bedding is so cute! Let us know where you registered. Uncle Adam and Auntie Nicole want to spoil him :)

Elizabeth said...

Just catching up on all the news. Congrats to you both! Looking forward to seeing the day when you bring him home!!!

Elizabeth said...

Just catching up on all the news. Congrats to you both! Looking forward to seeing the day when you bring him home!!!

Easties and Co. said...

I love the bedding set! Good shopping parents! :)