Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Catching Up

The month of November has flown by, and I have not done good with keeping up with our blog. It really is amazing how much more work just one more child in your house requires, and  I can’t tell you how much respect I have for mothers of very large families! We have had a busy but fun month here at our home.  The pictures below depict a little bit about what we have been up to.

November2012 032

Saylor met Grandpa and Grandma Lucht for the first time.

November2012 038

Playing some peek-a-boo with Grandma

November2012 036

Silas enjoyed their visit too!  Grandpa spoiled him with lots of cartoons on his computer as well as a visit to Chuck E. Cheese.

November2012 039

Brother and sister love

November2012 042

This is Saylor’s new face that she loves to make.  I have to admit it is really adorable!

November2012 014

Saylor also got to meet Pappaw for the first time

November2012 045

Both kids got lots of loving from Mammaw too!

November2012 048

We couldn’t leave Great Mammaw out!

November2012 052

Silas was excited that Aunt Nicole and cousin Tucker came up from Texas for Thanksgiving.


November2012 056

Silas and Saylor also met their new cousin, Cooper(Tucker’s brother).

November2012 027 

I got this hat out for Silas the other day, and he has a slight new obsession with it.  He has worn it everyday since whether he really needed it or not.  Apparently, sunglasses over the outside of your hat is the new look!

November2012 028

We have made a few trips to the library, and this is one of Silas’ favorite librarians that he insisted on getting a picture with.

November2012 029

Silas is finally grasping the reality that Saylor is here to stay, and he occasionally wants to help care for her.  We, of course, are very eager to let him help whenever he desires to.

November2012 030

I’ll end with the picture of our Christmas tree!  Silas was so excited to pick it out.  He is really getting into all things Christmas this year, and it is really fun to watch.  Our elf, Buddy, has made his appearance and Silas can’t wait to find him each morning.  December should be a fun month!

Alright, this ends the glimpse into our month of November.  Saylor continues to be an easy going baby.  She is attaching/bonding well, and she has cried out for me at times when meeting new people which I was happy about! Troy and I also feel that we are the only ones(AND Silas) that can get her to put on her really big smiles!  The one area we are still working on is sleep, but I am confident she’ll get there.  I really can’t express how surreal it is that she is finally home.  I thank God each day for his faithfulness.  We are blessed, and we look forward to celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ in a few weeks.  Blessings!

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Alison said...

I don't think your kids could be any cuter!!! They are both such precious blessings from the Lord! I told Jenni the other day that in these hard days of no movement, I have to go check cute pics of Saylor on FB to keep my hopes up! :) She reminds me of God's faithfulness as I remember back to praying for ya'll during your long days spent at #1. Which honestly, I have no idea how you did it! I am a basketcase at #5! :)