Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our Sweet 5 Month Old

It is hard to believe our sweet girl is already 5 months old!  The tables have turned and unlike during our wait for her referral, I am now wishing for time to slow down!  We have thoroughly enjoyed watching her grow and develop during these past 5 weeks home.  I also love to see how her adorable personality is blooming.  Here is a little update on her along with a few pictures of her in all her cuteness:)

- she now weighs close to 15 pounds and is very healthy according to our international pediatrician

November2012 001

-she is generally an easy going baby unless she’s hungry, and then you may need a good set of earplugs

November2012 002

-she is gradually improving with her sleep schedule, but is still waking up twice during the night for feedings

October2012 072


-she adores Silas ,and I just love to watch her watch him

November2012 006

-she has both Troy and I wrapped around her finger, and I feel like she is attaching/bonding to us very well

November2012 008 

-she loves taking baths, and she also loves the outdoors

November2012 005

-we are absolutely, 100%, completely in love with this little miracle from God!


Kristin said...

Yea! Saylor's pictures make me smile. So thankful for her in your lives and you in hers. What a gift for all of you.

Karen Phillips said...

love this!!! she is so adorable:)

Colin and Jess said...

Beautiful!! I am happy that she looks so happy and content!

Katie said...

She is just precious!