Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Memories and ‘Adoption’ Madness:)

Last weekend, we took a dual purpose trip to see my family and to attend another performance by the His Little Feet orphaned children’s choir.  We did a lot of visiting, ate way too much, watched some great March Madness basketball, and loved on some beautiful children from Ethiopia and Honduras!  Below are a few pictures from the trip:

March2012 013

Silas with his cousins, Kennedy and Ross.  Silas is finally old enough to play and interact with them more which was fun to watch.  They live on a farm which Silas loves!  He’s always asking to ride Uncle Paul’s tractor, and he got to go on a four wheeler ride which he wasn’t sure about initially but ended up loving it!

March2012 017

On Saturday, Kennedy had a small choir performance that we attended at one of the local elementary schools.  This map of the United States was in the parking lot, and Silas wanted to stand on the state where he lives.

March2012 019

Silas with his Aunt Amy(my sister) and cousins.  My sister spoils him rotten, and he enjoys every minute of it.  The first thing he says when she calls is “Are you going to make me some cookies?” to which she answers “ I think I can do that”.   Some time later that week we usually get a package in the mail……complete with cookies for Silas:)

March2012 021

Silas enjoyed celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year.  He got a kick out of the fact that you get ‘pinched’ if you don’t wear green, and he loved the Shamrock Shakes his Mammaw made for everyone.

March2012 023

We celebrated Silas’ Great Pappaw Harold’s birthday.

March2012 026

This picture cracks me up.  This is Silas’ Great Mammaw(she’s almost 85 years old), and this picture speaks a lot about her personality.  Here she is trying to get a rise out of her great granddaughter by taking her shoes and doing silly things with them.  My cousins and I didn’t think a thing about it because she has been doing these kind of things every since I was little:)

March2012 027

Silas with his Great Mammaw and Mammaw.  He gets a surplus of love from his extended family!


March2012 029

This picture warms my heart.  Our last night, we got to attend the His Little Feet performance, and it was definitely a highlight of our trip.  We weren’t for sure we would be able to attend so we ended up surprising them.  The two boys(Eyob and Yohannes, both from Ethiopia), and their sponsor, Kourtney, are the ones we hosted when they sang in our area last November.  It was so good to see them again and give them lots of hugs!  All the children in the choir have grown, and each child is absolutely precious!  I strongly encourage you to attend their performance if they ever travel to an area near where you live.  I assure you that you will be blessed!

Finally, I just HAVE to share some very exciting news!  This past Friday, the family that is just ahead of us on the waiting list for our daughter received their referral. SO…….what does that mean for us?   Yes it is true…we are FINALLY unofficially :


#1! #1! #1! #1!  The above picture accurately depicts how I feel on the inside!!  We are SOOO close to seeing the sweet face of our precious daughter for whom we have been praying for two long years!  Troy has been instructed to keep his cell phone with him at all times as he will get the call first.  So, there you have it…we do have some March Madness but not related to basketball!  Can’t wait to blog about THE CALL! Thanks for your continued prayers!


Rutledge 7 said...

so very excited for you guys! yay for #1!

Blessed Bentons said...

No clue how to tell you how excited we are! :)

Monica Johnson said...


We just got our referral last Friday. How great would it be if we traveled at the same time! I'll keep my fingers crossed :)