Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Family Fun

This past weekend, our local children’s museum celebrated their 25th anniversary, complete with a birthday party.  The price of admission was what is was when they first opened in 1987…$2!  We thought we could swing that price, and we decided to make a family day out of it!  Of course, Silas was primarily concerned with the fact that they were going to have birthday cake:)  Troy and I have gotten a little lax with taking pictures on our cameras, but Troy managed to capture a few on his phone. 

March2012 001

Digging in the rocks


March2012 004

Silas got to read a story to the dog:)

March2012 005

The weather was beautiful, and we enjoyed a picnic lunch.

March2012 003

Checking out the Tinkertoy exhibit.  Silas actually plays with a set of Tinkertoys that were Troy’s when he was a child so this exhibit was right up his alley!

March2012 007

Silas calls the concrete squares in the picture ‘lily pads’, and he has to play on them every time we go to the museum.

March2012 010

He gets a little braver each time, and he now has to jump across the water!

March2012 011

A couple of weeks ago, one of Silas’ toys that he got from my mom for Christmas broke.  We returned it, but they didn’t have anymore.  So, after the museum and a nap, he got to pick out something else and this is what he chose.  He loves his new tent, and we have been doing a lot of indoor camping lately!

Finally, I wanted to share that we have added some great new Ethiopian products to the Olive Tree Promise website.  There a couple of cute things for children that could be great for Easter baskets.  You can check out the Ethiopia products here, and remember every purchase helps adoptive families bring their children home!

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