Saturday, July 23, 2011

ONE YEAR(and a day) year and one day is how long we have been on the waitlist for our precious daughter.  I have been keeping a journal since the start of this adoption journey just like I did for Silas.  I will give it to our daughter someday so she can see how God was orchestrating the events in our lives to unite us with her at just the right time.  Here is my entry from a year ago today:

Another week has come and gone—unbelievable how time flies!  We got some GREAT news yesterday, AGCI finally got all the correct documents they needed from us and we are now OFFICIALLY on the waiting list for YOU!  Our number is 78 which is quite high compared to when we got on the list for Silas; however, the good thing about that is more orphans are coming to their forever homes. The down side is that daddy & I have to wait longer for you!  We both know it’s all in God’s PERFECT timing and thus we are going to do our best to be patient(I am sure some days will be easier than others)!  Regardless-being on the waitlist means we are one step closer to you! TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!

God has been faithful to us and we have moved 66 spots in a year that was filled with many ups, downs, and unknowns.  We both know that God is in control so we have no doubt that the timing of our referral will be PERFECT (although Troy is praying that it will happen before my birthday at the end of September…that would by far be the best present I could ever receive:)! To those of you that still follow our blog, thanks for your continued prayers and support during this amazing journey God has us on!  We look forward with anticipation to what the year ahead has in store for us!

We wait for the LORD; He is our help and shield.  For our hearts rejoice in HIM, because we trust in HIS Holy name.  May Your faithful love rest on us, LORD, for we put our hope in YOU.”  Psalm 30:20-22


Sarah said...

We are getting there!!! Slow, but sure!

Alison said...

So sweet! It is getting close to a year for us too! Can't believe it! I am so excited for ya'll! It's got to be soon!!! :)

Tisha said...

It won't be long now!! I cannot wait to see her little face. :)

Tessy said...

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