Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Friends, Fellowship, & New Number

This past weekend we had the amazing blessing of having Paul & DeeDee Aarseth & their children, Jackson and Olivia, stay with us.  They are a beautiful family that we initially met through our adoption process with Silas because they used the same agency.  We were just one stop on their ‘homeless tour’ this summer as they have sold their home because they are moving to Ethiopia as missionaries at the end of the month.  It was quite amazing to hear about all of the training and preparations they have made as they answer God’s call for their lives.  I am blessed to see how they are ‘walking the walk’, and I will be excited to see how God uses them to make an eternal impact in Ethiopia.  Here are a few pictures from their visit:

July2011 030

Jackson posing for the camera


July2011 033

Sweet Olivia


July2011 032

Silas & Olivia holding hands at breakfast


July2011 034

I painted my toes so Olivia needed hers painted too.  I love the color contrast on her beautiful brown skin!


July2011 037

Silas giving Olivia a kiss(with no prompting from us….starting a little too young for me:) )


July2011 039 

Olivia attempting to return the love but Silas wasn’t having it!


On Saturday night, Kristi and her husband Will hosted us for dinner.  They are the parents of Silas’ buddy, Lucy Lane who was also at Hannah’s Hope with Silas and Olivia.  It was fun to catch up and visit.  We also love to reunite Silas with his Hannah’s Hope buddies whenever we can.  We managed to get a couple of pictures from the night.

July2011 051 

The kids table.


July2011 053

The newest addition to the Johnson Family, Wes.  Isn’t his smile just adorable? He is the 6th child in their family and Kristi and Will just take it all in stride.  He came forever home from Ethiopia this past Spring.


July2011 055

One attempt to get the three Hannah’s Hope buddies picture


July2011 056

Another attempt….unsuccessful but at least they are all in the same picture!


Paul and DeeDee had to head back to Texas on Sunday morning, but we managed to squeeze in a breakfast at Cracker Barrel with them.  Their family loves Cracker Barrel and apparently they don’t have an abundance of them in Texas like we do here.  They have even made a game out of who can spot Cracker Barrel signs first when they travel…too funny:) 

July2011 043

DeeDee & Silas


July2011 040 

Success! Everyone is smiling and somewhat looking at the camera


July2011 044

Olivia and Silas testing out the rockers

 July2011 041

The Aarseth Family.  I am so glad God brought our two familiies together. Thanks for stopping Paul and DeeDee.  We would love to have you back anytime!

Finally, I wanted to share our July numbers.  We are officially #:

What a blessing to see how many children have been matched with their forever families and how many steps closer we are to meeting our daughter!  


Melanie said...

Yeah! Yeah! for low teen numbers....Looks like y'all have been having lots of fun.
Much Love, Melanie

Alison said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time together! And I love your new number! Ya'll are getting oh so close!!! :)

Kelly said...

We are looking forward to getting together with our China travel group in about 2 weeks--crazy the bond that forms between families through adoption.

Encouraged by the numbers moving down on the Ethiopian adoption blogs. Yeah!!