Monday, October 4, 2010

Noah, Counting, and Bible Verse

Thought I’d share a couple videos we took tonight…it’s funny how we ‘torture’ him to do stuff on camera that he does normally just hanging out at the house…it’s crazy how much he’s soaking up these days … and I can’t believe he’ll be 2 in 9 days!

OK, every night, the first book I read Silas at bedtime is a Bible Story out of his children’s Bible.  For the past few weeks, he ALWAYS wants to hear the story of Noah … well, I guess some of it has stuck with him :)


The boy is counting pretty good these days … Most times he needs prompted but will do it on his own sometimes.  He will never repeat ‘one’ and always starts at two. 


At church this past weekend, they gave us a little card about the stories they’d be teaching in Silas’ class this month… and it also had a Scripture for all of us to memorize :)  You’ll see 2 tries at this … he is less distracted during dinner when we usually work on it.  You will see him laugh when hearing Deuteronomy … similar to when we try to teach him Amharic.  It’s hard not to laugh at him when he laughs.  Also, you will see what I amtalking about with him not saying ‘one’ when we say the Scripture reference :)


Alright, think that hits my blog quota until after the marathon :)  Speaking of which, we are 10% complete on Project 10-40.  Thank you to those who have sponsored me!  THANK YOU!!

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Kelly said...

Looking forward to hearing about your race! Just keep your eye (and mind) on the prize and remember the purpose your running for!!