Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Humbled and Silas’ Birthday

So a couple hours after my post last night, the goal was hit by the person who told me not to limit God with my goal.  This person is the person who will be going to Ethiopia in a few days on her second mission trip in the last few months.  Humbling.  This past Sunday  I had someone give me their last $30 cash they had for the entire following week as they didn’t get paid until this Friday.  They also had to go out of town and didn’t know if they had enough gas for the trip there/back but thought they’d be ok.  A half hour after giving me the $30, this same person received $32 from someone who had a yard sale that this person put a few items in that they were just going to get rid of.  This same person also received an extra tip for some work they did for someone.  Very humbling.  Then tonight, I received a very generous check in the mail from someone who I know has the right to be struggling in so many ways.  The note inside the card? “Enjoy the journey.  May you reach your goals – cherish each day”  So humbling.

I tell you these couple stories to tell you that God is faithful.  It is very difficult for me to accept these donations for my race because that money could be used in Korah by Jody or by someone who needs it to survive for the week.  However, I know these people prayed over this and it would be robbing them of the blessings from God.  My prayer has been that God would multiply their gift tenfold back to them …whether that blessing is financial or another answered prayer is between them and Him. 

The one thing I would say to you is to follow God’s direction in your life.  He will not leave you high and dry, He will not leave you, He will honor HIs commitment to you.  He loves you so much that He sent His Son to take the sin of the world upon Him.  He loves you so much that He had to turn His back to His own Son.  He loves you so much that He raised His Son back to life to be our intercessor.  If we would actually accept God’s invitations in our lives, it would be so transforming that we would not be able to believe it with our own eyes.

So, I have increased my goal by $500 as you can see on the thermometer on the left side of the blog … so a new Project 10-40 is starting again to put me over my new goal :)

Switching gears real quick … there have been a couple referrals so we are UNOFFICIALLY #57 on the girl’s list now :)  Movement is GOOD!

Also, today was Silas’ 2nd birthday.  It is amazing how much you can love a little person.  He has been looking forward to his birthday as we’ve been talking it up since Amber’s birthday late September.  He really wanted birthday cake LAST NIGHT for some reason … he kept saying “HAPPY CAKE … HAPPY CAKE”  Then as I was laying him down last night, I gave him a kiss, and said, “happy birthday, son … I love you.”  Usually, he will respond to ‘son’ with ‘buddy?’  Like, I’m your buddy, too, right daddy? And I’ll respond, “Yeah, you’re my buddy". He’ll then respond with every person he knows … Momma?  Yeah, you’re momma’s buddy.  Pappaw?  Yeah, you’re pappaw’s buddy.  Etc.  Etc.   But this time, about 5 seconds later as I was shutting his door, I hear ‘Happy to you’ in his singing ‘happy birthday’ song voice :)

We went to Chuy’s tonight to celebrate and the kid put away some SERIOUS chips and creamy jalapeño ranch sauce.  Was very impressive.  Still need to do a true birthday post but still haven’t gotten through the videos yet … here’s a couple pics from tonight though…


The boy loved dipping his chips.


More dipping…


The waitress gave him a little thing of ice cream = happy boy.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SILAS!  We love you, son! 


Alison said...

Wow!! Love seeing how God provides!! It has definitely been so humbling for us too! Praise God for His provision!! So happy for ya'll!

meredith and justin said...

Happy Birthday, Silas!! Thank you for sharing your stories. It is so amazing to see God's provision in all of this.

Benton Family said...

Seriously can't believe he is already two!!! Time flies so quickly!

Really excited for you about this weekend, Troy! We've been praying for you friend! :)


Tisha said...

I have amazing stories like that too. God is so good to us!!!!

Silas is an amazing little boy!! He is so smart...

Oh and I got the necklaces yesterday. I LOVE THEM!!! I am going to post about them soon...

Karen Phillips said...

we loved getting to see you guys leaving chuy's and getting to see the big 2 year old birthday boy:)!! such a cutie!!

Tara said...

so cute happy birthday, can't wait to see number 2