Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ugandan Magazine Necklaces for Sale!

We have been trying to come up with unique and creative ways for us to fundraise. Running the half marathon was one way ... and update on that training coming soon ... the good and the bad. We thought that selling the Ugandan Magazine Necklaces from 147 Million Orphans was another great way to raise money ... and it's a win-win. We are helping a feeding program in Uganda and we are helping bring our daughter home from Ethiopia.

I know you need one (or another one if you have one). Think of that mother, sister, daughter, best friend that needs one. Are you an early Christmas shopper? Have a birthday coming up? Here's your chance for a very unique gift that you can't find at Kohl's or JC Pennys.

The cost is $25 per necklace and $2.95 for shipping/handling. If you purchase more than one, shipping will still only be $2.95. There is a "Buy Now" button on the left side of our blog,, for you to pay through Paypal. If you live by us, just let us know that you want one (or 10) and we can get them to you (to save you the shipping).

Here's a couple pictures of my bride modeling what the necklaces look like. Each one will be unique but amazing nonetheless.

Sample of a necklace

Amber wearing it doubled as a necklace. It could also be worn as a long necklace going down to your waist.

She tripled it around her neck to make it shorter.

It can also be used as a bracelet.

So, remember with your purchase, you are helping bring our daughter home, Katie's feeding program in Uganda, and the Ugandan women who are making the necklaces. Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you!!


Mandy said...

Amber - you look like a model.
I love these necklaces and will definitely get them from you.

Beck, Helen and Will's Mom said...

The new blog looks great! So sweet to honor new baby girl with a new blog look just for her! Love the necklaces....I've been wanting one of those. I'll definitely get one from you guys in the near future!

The Hull's at #4 said...

Troy I need four, I'll get them in Nashville!

Royce said...

I've posted about the beads on my blog and will spread the word.

BJ said...

I heard your story through Royce. What an awesome deal. We have two adopted sons (the oldest is 27 today, he's from Korea; our 25 year old is of mixed race - got them both as babies). I hope you get many sales of the necklaces and can bring that little sister home soon. Blessings.
~ Gotcha Days are so important, I loved reading you referring to it.

nicolesweazy said...

these are beautiful. Good luck with everything. Miss you Amber!