Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July

So, I would apologize that I wanted to have more posts in the last month but I know you’d think that’s the same old song and dance and that is just the norm now.  I just give kudos to those who blog regularly.  I want to … I really do … I just can’t find the time to do it.  I have 4 posts in my head this minute that I’d love to get done.  I need to find a way to dictate blogs on my 45 minute drive to work … hmmm … I’m sure there’s already an app for that…anyways…

We went to Indiana to Amber’s family for the 4th … Silas had a blast … except for the fireworks.  The first night he was with Amber (I was the pyro help setting them off) and was just crying saying ‘BYE BYE, BYE BYE, BYE BYE’.  Poor kid.  The next night Amber and I were together and he held on tight to us but did pretty good.  Below are some pics from the weekend…


We went swimming at Mammaw’s pool on Saturday the 3rd.  Silas LOVES the water … and yes, I did do my long run before swimming.  Five miles of just corn and Troy.  Mostly running … a little walking.  Slowly but surely.


Silas and Mama going under.  He likes going under … kept saying ‘more, more’ or ‘under’… boy is a fish!  I will spare you the mullet picture of his hair after he came out of the water :)


Silas’ sweet cousin Tucker.  Boy’s a tank.  He’s 3 months and about 16 pounds.  It was real good to see him and his Mommy Nicole.  Amber’s brother Adam wasn’t able to make the trip up.

The evening of the 3rd was spent at Uncle Paul & Aunt Amy’s for a wiener roast, hanging out with family, and fireworks.


OK, we LOVE this picture.  No words needed :)


Amber’s dad’s friend came out and her little daughter is a tiny bundle of JOY.  She was so cute and adorable.  We couldn’t help thinking and talking about the daughter God has for us in Ethiopia when holding her.


Aunt Amy having some Silas time.  He loves sitting on shoulders.  He also likes playing the drums on Daddy’s head but that’s another story.


Silas having fun on the 4 wheeler with Uncle Paul & Aunt Amy.


Aunt Nicole (Tucker’s mommy) hanging out with Silas


Pappaw with Silas and Tucker

Amber’s mom always has a 4th celebration for her church.  There’s nothing better than church food.  And no calories, right?


Amber’s mom wanted a picture of the young grandkids together in Old Navy flag shirts.  We always hand-pick the best pictures for you on here.  Well, just to show you the ‘other’ side of Silas … this is the first picture of the 4 kids.  You can see baby Tucker and Silas are real happy to be part of this.  Ross is thrilled as well.  Good thing Kennedy is our anchor.


About 50 pictures later, this is probably the best one we got


We came home on the 5th.  Silas is all about wearing our shoes now.  This picture is so wrong in so many ways.  1) Amber’s pink flipflops.  2) Cardinals hat.  A nice elderly man from church is a Cards fan and knows I’m a die-hard Cubs fan … and he was real happy to get Silas a Cardinals hat.


Silas saying ‘cheese’

OK, I promise the next blogs will be about the marathon training … so far, so good … for the most part.  God has been teaching me alot through the training … can’t wait to share!


Tara said...

Soo cute, can't wait to meet you guys

Tisha said...

Just corn? No soybeans in southern IN? :)
The pictures are adorable and it looks like a great weekend.

Paul and DeeDee said...

Well I didn't know you allowed Silas to be so easily swayed....Paul will definitely be bringing him some white sox memorabilia then in a few weeks:)

Kristi J said...

love the new blog look..looks great...cute pics :) kj