Friday, March 20, 2009

T minus 2 months

Our court date for Silas is exactly 2 months from today ... it's surreal to think in less than 3 months we could be in Ethiopia seeing our son for the first time. Seeing his first smile. Changing his first diaper ... ok, that may be Amber's thing :) Giving his first bath. Putting his first outfit on. Hearing his first cry. Providing every need for him. Loving him like we didn't know we could love. Walking an amazing God journey. Having our eyes opened to what God has for us next.

I can't wait!


Please join us in prayer for our blog friends who have court dates coming up VERY soon...

Jody and Pat's is a week from today ... next Friday the 27th.

Renee and Sean's, Sara and Allen's, and Dawn and Tim's are all on March 31st!

I can't wait to hear all the good news in the next couple weeks ... and a few more families who will be traveling and have a chance to love on our boy!


Renee said...

Just wanted to let you know Christy will also be heading to Ethiopia next week so hopefully when she comes back she will bring pictures of all the kids.
IN fact we might actually get the call about court from Julie who I belive is your case manager.

Dawn said...

Thanks for the prayers Troy!!! :)

asimplereverie said...

we are praying you all the way to Ethiopia!

"Indescribable" said...

thanks for the links - it's helpful!

Kristi J said...

I thanked you in my latest post...Now...last night is was a hit...Now, I need baby girl(s)...they can't leave me like this much longer...Come on AGCI...surely this can't last much longer...kj

Renee said...

Christy said she's not sure how much time she'll have for taking pics (umm what??make time woman haha) but its something she really wants to do so she will do her very best. Julie did the travel call that we were on and they do seem to be alot alike..maybe they go to some school to be cloned and learn how to be tight lipped with info haha. I'm hoping either Aubrey or Maria are able to sneek a few pics of our boy to if not christy is our best chance before travel. Because i'm counting on passing and traveling in april..I wanna find your little chunky boy and smooch him for ya. We got pics a few days ago with pictures of T's crib our photo album was hanging over the back and the moose we sent him was in the crib..i layed awake all that night trying to picture him sleeping in there hha.

jody said...

thanks for including us in your list-hard to believ in ONE WEEK our court appointment will be OVER in ETH and they will know if we can come or we have to wait some more-AAAGGGGHHHHH!!! so exciting, and scary all at the same time!!

Nikki said...

Congratulations! Our court date is May 20th also!

Best wishes to you and your family!