Friday, March 6, 2009

Court Date!

We got a call from Julie today around noon ... was very happy to delay eating my lunch. She told us that our court date is May 20th! HANG ON 'A' ... WE'RE COMING TO GET YOU SOON BUDDY!!

She said it's a little longer wait than before but it does give the Ethiopian government bodies time to get their paperwork complete. She mentioned that there hasn't been a case that hasn't passed for the paperwork from them for a while ... it has usually been the birth family not being there.

To explain just a bit ... we signed a super-duper power of attorney form that allows the director of Hannah's Hope, our transition home where 'A' is right now, to sign for all our documents. So, when we receive the official court decree, 'A' will be legally ours per Ethiopia. We will travel 2-4 weeks after passing court. The day after we arrive in Ethiopia, we will then go to the US Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to get his VISA and he'll be legal to come home with us! Once we get travel dates, I'll inform you on more specifics on our trip.

So, that is GREAT news and we have a specific date to pray for. May 20th is a Wednesday so Amber and I have decided that we will be fasting and praying every Wednesday until our court date. We will be praying for our court date, all families that have court dates before us, traveling families and, of course, for 'A'. If you would like to fast and/or pray with us on Wednesdays, let us know so we can keep in touch and see how God is moving through this ... time and time again, we have God move when we respond in this way. We would also love to join you in prayer for whatever you're trusting GOD in...

Kristi and Will, the local family near us, has their court date on May 13th so hopefully we'll both pass and be able to travel together...

Alright, time to rest up ... gonna be a long weekend of working on the nursery. Also, Amber's mom is visiting to help with some sewing, window seat, etc, etc...gonna be a productive weekend!


Benton Family said...

How awesome guys! To finally have a date! To know when he will soon be in your arms...I will be in prayer with you every Wednesday! We have already been praying for him...but we will pray specifically for him and your travel plans and the court date on Wednesday's. Praise the Lord for this miracle of life in your son!


Anonymous said...

awesome news! we'll keep praying, can't wait to meet him!